A 2nd post on Day 2.


Wow 2 posts in one day!   Now I know that this location has been photographed like crazy, but I found myself wanted to visit again since it had been so long since I had been to see it.  Hopefully you view it from a different perspective through my pictures.

Stole – ~*RunoRuno*~ Stole – Beige

Shirt – K&CODolce Vita Mini – Teal

Skirt – NarwhalHigh Waist Super Skirt

Leggings – .:MALT:. –  Capri LACE Tights – Silver

Boots – Stiletto Moody –  Tall Bootleg (Bone Croc)

Hair – LAQ – Tess hair (Black) 

Skin – LAQ –  Tasha 10 [Peach] Glow skin (hairbase)

Eyes – JE*REPUBLICGlitter Real Eyes-Shua-Light Blu

Earrings/Necklace – (Creamshop) –  Dice

Ring – Donna Flora –  BICE ring


Back in Business

2 blogs in 2 days!  (I’d officially say that I am back in business) Not much to say today because I feel as if I spilled my heart out on yesterday’s blog. 

Jacket – (Milk Motion) My blazer *black sequins*

Top – [ the oBscene] Glam Nu Top 1 (undershirt layer) Glam Nu S Top 2 (shirt layer)

Pants – [LeLutka] -Rockin’ Pants- (B/W)

Belt – *COCO* – CroppedPants – Belt Only

Boots – BAX – Prestige Boots Black

Bag – Truth –  Over Nighter Bag [snow leopard] *hand*

Ring – Donna Flora –  BICE ring

Hat/Hair – (Posh) – Jenny takes over the business – Blonde

Skin – Nikita Fride – Skin Chanel (wet lips) – Natural

Eyes – JE*REPUBLIC-Glitter Real Eyes-Shua-Light Blue

Shape – My same old song and dance custom shape that y’all have seen me in forever!

My official 1st Blog back!

It’s my first real day back in SL.  It was a very long and extended vacation.  Many months for personal reasons that I’d rather not discuss on my blog, and also due to computer problems.  While I missed all of my friends and all the fashion; I am very grateful for the time I had away from SL.   I had the opportunity truly treasure the “real world” again, and I’ve had so many new experiences that I am forever thankful for.  While I wanted to continue my blog, I have also made a promise to myself that I will not allow my blog, or any other SL ventures ever become more important than all the treasures of my real life again. 

I’ve also decided to do my blog, my way.  I’m no longer going to worry about critics or editors or any other fashion icon in SL tell me what I should or shouldn’t do or how I should or shouldn’t do it.  What you see is what you get.  It’s a reflection of my own personal style, and my own unique mood that I may have at that time.

(Geez.. that was rather long and personal… Now on to the style!)

I wore a combination of old and new today.  And hopefully you’ll be seeing a difference in my approach to blog photos.  I’ve spent the past few months focusing on my photography in real life, so I’m hoping you see a little bit of reflection of that while looking at my fashion blog.

The Old – One of my favorite Obscene skins, LeeZu jeans,  and Bax boots.

The New – Jacket and top from Lelutka and Hair from Lamb

Work and Play


 Just a little bit of newness to share with this outfit. (Warning this is a quick post after a LONG weekend)  The first thing I’m going to mention are the amazing Bax Coen Prestige Boots.  Bax never fails to dissapoint I went forever without taking off my ankle boots upon their release, and it looks like I’ve got some knee high boots to wear for days on end.  Not only are the textures and fit amazing, but I am always unbelievably impressed with the work that goes into the scripting of Bax’s objects making them completely versatile and unique to each owner.  I had to buy both colors offered in both Black and White as I stood in the store completely unable to decide.



New from Chikka Designs is the lovely leather jacket.  Which for once I chose in a color other than Black or Grey, and I decided with purple.  I’m so thrilled with my choice.  I love this jacket.  And it’s definately fun to add a little color to my wardrobe.   I feel so “I’m a business woman that just got off of work and now I’m ready to hit the town and have fun!”




Style Notes:

JacketChikka Design: Leather jacket – purple

Scarf – MichaMi: Joanie Scarf in Black

Dress/Skirt – Cupcakes (<3C!): Black Gathered Dress

Tights – *Sheer* : Tights 05 –  Dots Black

Boots – BAX : Prestige Boots Black

Hat/Hair – (Posh) : Jenny takes over the business – Umber

Skin – BEBAE :Coral *Cara: Smoke-B3

Eyes – Silhouette Eyes: Onyx

Eyelashes – Silhouette Lashes: DANGEROUS

Discover Your Skin – Exodi

Discover Your Skin with text

While her store was still named Genesis, Ryker Beck created Eden in March 2009, and myself and many others fell in love with her creation.  A beautiful woman with a range of makeups.  It was immediate to see the immense talent of Ryker, and many even got to follow her process as she would post stages of completion.  Ryker changed the name of her business to :Exodi:: but what hasn’t changed is the amazing detail in each of her skins.  Lily has been introduced and I find myself falling in love all over again with a lady who can be subtle and fierce, sexy and demure, vivacious and humble all at the same time.

Pictured Below (from L to R) : Lily Skins in Elm – Romantique, Cedar – Blame, Cherry – Chocolate, Dove – Errands


Ryker Beck is one of the skin designers at this years Discover Your Skin event, and in preparation for the event I had the chance to interview Ryker.  Here is what we had to say…

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Discover Your Skin – Nikita Fride Interview

Discover Your Skin with text

Today I want to introduce you to a skin designer that you might not have had the chance to meet.  Her name is Nikita Fride, and her store is titled the same.  Nikita Fride is a makeup artist, creating skins with an emphasis on different makeups.  She was the first designer to create skins based on a real cat’s face photo, male skin with lapel kiss,  and diamond drops in skin.  While her skins range from the most sinister and bruised skin with cuts, to the most perfect angel makeup; I decided to show off some of the more “fashion friendly” skins that she has to offer.

(Shown Below – Left to Right)  Chanel – Natural, Lace Mask – Bronze, Sweet Moon – Natural, Retro –  Bronze, Chanel (wet lips) – Natural

Nikita Fride - Sugar

Speaking with Nikita is a wonderful experience and you can quickly see the passion she holds for all her designs.  For the  interview and pictures of her new releases click below.

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Discover Your Skin – UK Couture

Discover Your Skin with text

For the second installment of my “Discover Your Skin” coverage I had the chance to speak with Corbantis Priestman of UK Couture.  Corbantis will be showing all of her new/recently finished skins at this years event.  Before I begin with my conversation with her, here is a sneak peek of what you can see and buy. 

Corbantis has created shapes for the skins designed.  To show off the skin, I wanted to do something a little different and I have shown the skin in 2 versions. 1- On my shape, since that is what my readers are accustomed to seeing and 2 – On the shape provided by Corbantis for the skins.






SugarKane: Why did you first join SL?
Corbantis: A friend told me what a wonderfully creative environment it was…so I decided to check it out for myself….

SugarKane: How long have you been designing skins in SL?
Corbantis: Nearly three years and loving every minute of it! 

SugarKane: What inspires you?
Corbantis: The desire to create beautiful things inspires me everyday!

SugarKane: Define your idea of beauty.
Corbantis: Megan Fox lol

SugarKane: What are some of your goals related to being a skin designer?
Corbantis: My only goal is to make beautiful things

SugarKane: Finally choose your own Question and Answer (any topic) 🙂

Corbantis: ok my own question… hmm nice touch!… ok here it is….

Q) Is there anything else you’d like to make in SL?  A) Hair 🙂


You can find UK Couture skins at Discover Your Skin or at the UK Couture Mainstore.

Style Credits:

Skins – UK Couture

Hair – Exile – Breeze – Mink

Bikini – RunoRuno – Ribbon Bikini

Who Designed it Better – “The Ruffled Mini Dress”



Good Evening Readers!  I am back after a very very long week of work in RL, and I wanted to feature a blog open to voting since I haven’t done one of these in quite some time.   I realize the two styles I’ve chosen to compare are not exact and there are many differences, but I do think there are enough similarities to host on “Who designed it better.”






If you remember my “Who Designed it Better Post from Hair Fair” on Fashionphiles then you will know what I’m about to say, but for those readers that did not get to see that post; I will say that I love each of these dresses equally and for different reasons.  This is merely a fun way to open a discussion on style.  Let the voting begin, and enjoy. I give you the LeLutka – Paras Dress and the Whippet & Buck – Haver Tiered Frock.  Both are lovely little ruffled mini dresses and both sleeveless and perfect for our summer weather.

Goodbye SUL. Hello MVW Girls




Myself and 6 other Miss Virtual World 2010 Finalists all decided to have an impromptu meet and greet of fun and dance at Seven Ultra Lounge during their last weekend.  It’s very sad to see this place go 😦  But, I can already tell I am going to have so much fun with these ladies, some of the most beautiful and stylish girls on the grid.  We had a blast, and I’m pretty sure the girls partied all night even though I went to bed quite a bit earlier than the rest.  Here’s the outfit that I wore and all pictures were taken at Seven Ultra Lounge.

Style Notes:

Dress: *Donna Flora* – Sandra

Sweater: []::Tuli::[] Cable knit cropped vest GREY

Leggings: M * A * ii * K * I Sculpt Legging Pieces (from Strapless and Patent outfit)

Belt: M * A * ii * K * I High Waisted Belt *Patent Black* (from Strapless and Patent outfit)

Shoes: Stiletto Moody – Pump (Grey Patent)

Necklace: ZC : kaya onyx necklace *silver*

Earrings: LaGyo – Noir desire – Sacre coeur earrings

Hair: [LeLutka]-CHRISTEN Hair – Coffee Brown

Eyes: SilhouetteEyes: Agate

Skin: [the oBscene] CiEL-Diamond-BASE

Fierce Sugar… The Finalist!





I just couldn’t resist blogging this look any longer.   I am a Miss Virtual World 2010 Finalist and this is the outfit I wore for the audition.  I love this look so much and I just can’t describe the excitement I’ve had these last weeks knowing that I’m a finalist.  I’m so honored to be able to work with some of the most beautiful, talented ladies in all of SLand.  I also want to say how thankful I am to all of my friends that helped encourage me, offered up all the advice they could, graciously tp’d me when I needed a last minute second opinion, and one great friend that even made me a custom piece of jewelry.  And last but not least a HUGE Thank You to Roxe Brimmer for volunteering her photographic skills for this post.

Without further ado:  The Style Notes for my favorite outfit of all time 🙂


Undershirt Layer: ..::DARE HAUTE COUTURE.::.. Golden Bikini Top

Top: [LeLutka] -MARIA dress/BLACK_twostraps prim top

Pants/Skirt: @KoKo@ – Melodia

Belt: [CHANTKARE] BLACK BREEZE Self tie belt

Hair/Headband: *W&Y  Hair Fair 1*TYPE*A  (purchased at Hair Fair)

Ring: LaGyo– Famous Lady Ring black

Earrings: LaGyo– Roses black earrings (Only available in white)

Shoes: Stiletto Moody – Gold StudSides Pump

Tights: *Sheer* Tights -Nylon Black

Eyes: Silhouette Eyes: Sapphire

Skin: [the oBscene] REINA ~ Dierdre ~ tone1