9 Swimsuits that…



…allow you to dive right in to whatever you want.  Pool, Seaside, Bed… I’m pretty sure there are no limits in SL.  These swimsuits are 9 of my personal favorites that are in my inventory and I wear regularly.   What item will I feature 8 of?   Do you have any suggestions of what you’d like to see in Sugar’s Favorite Things?  Just let me know!  

Listed in Order of Picture (by no means in order of preference)

1. Nardcotix – Belted Swimsuit Coffee

2. Kyoot Army – Stripey Bikini – Saffron

3. [KA] Designs – Somm Bikini

4. Digit Darkes – Retro Bikini – Mocha

5. Artilleri – LeeLee Bikini – Zebra

6. eLDee – Darcy Bikini

7. Emery – Giraffe Bikini

8. WigWamBam – Moorea Swimsuit

9. Mimikri – St. Tropez Bikini

Featured in every photo:

Skin – LAQ – Kat 05 – [Peach] (hairbase)  Glow Skin

Hair – LAQ – Tess Hair (Black)


Yachting in Coco

Picnic at the Yacht Club

*photo courtesy of Marleen Vaughan*

I am going to make this blog rather short tonight, as I’m on the verge of falling asleep.  But, I will say that this is the first time I have ever blogged an outfit entirely focusing on one designer.  Coco has new releases, and they  are so fabulous that I went crazy and bought lots today.   The shirt, cartigan, and shorts are all from Coco.  They are perfect for the new summer weather, and I can already tell that they are going to be very versatile items in my clothing inventory.

I finished off the look with the Wedge shoes from J’s, Sunglasses from FNKY, Hair from Elle F, and Skin from LoveDot.

Sweet Dreams Lovelies.  I promise more soon!.

(I just proofread this post, and had 3 typos.  indeed I am quite tired!)