.Eyeliner fixes Everything.

Long days at work and restless nights have meant I spend nearly everyday with no makeup.  So, when I’m feeling really down – I just have to pick up some eyeliner –  and pick my drooping eyes and my tired spirit back up.  

Style Notes:

Grand Total: L$3367


A Haute Thursday





First of all, I would like to introduce you to my guest photographer for today Miss Klet Glas.  She did some amazing work didn’t she?  Just simply beautiful.  Thank You so much Klet!

I have so many mixed emotions about the ensemble I’ve put together for all my readers today.  Most of the items are review copies, so my first emotions are grateful and thankful.  But, I have included some pieces from the soon to be closed Crimson Shadow sim so there is some sadness attached as well.  However, I got the Crimson Shadow items for only 50L so that of course is happiness.  Without further statement of my emotions let the ensemble information begin.

It started with a top, well actually a dress to be exact.  Thora was kind enough to send me over some review copies, and one of those items was the new Lelutka QI Dress in deep pink.  The dress is fabulous, but everyone knows I can never wear something “off the rack.”  And now we come to the skirt. Monica sent me some wonderful pieces from her Miamai Fashion Creations.  This is from the Vanita Black Gown and it is beautiful.  145 prims!  Amazing job, it’s just simply beautiful.  (You’ll be seeing more designs of hers from me in upcoming blogs.)  The hair was a gift from amazing designer Jeanie Valois of Posh and it is Elle Loves Bows in Charcoal.  Just adorable and amazing, like all of her hair.  And, of course, in following with nearly all of my previous blogs I am wearing a skin from the oBscene by the outstandingly talented Kuja Akina.  This skin is Braelyn – Beda in Tone 2 and should be available for purchase very soon.  Oh, and can you believe I don’t have to talk about shoes???

Complete Style Notes:

Top : [LeLutka]-QI dress (Shown in Deep Pink) (Review Copy)

Skirt: Miamai – Vanita Black Gown

Gloves: Mimikri – Gloves/Black

Neck/Collar: =Bird Prelude= Black Neck collar (found at Crimson Shadow)

Bracelet: *Rezzable* Feathered Wristband (found at Crimson Shadow)

Hair: (Posh) – Elle Loves Bows – Charcoal (Review Copy)

Eyelashes: *TSM* LUSH LASH-BLACK (Blogger Gift)

Eyes: Silhouette Eyes: Onyx

Skin: [the oBscene] BRAELYN ~ Beda ~ tone2 (Review Copy)

9 Swimsuits that…



…allow you to dive right in to whatever you want.  Pool, Seaside, Bed… I’m pretty sure there are no limits in SL.  These swimsuits are 9 of my personal favorites that are in my inventory and I wear regularly.   What item will I feature 8 of?   Do you have any suggestions of what you’d like to see in Sugar’s Favorite Things?  Just let me know!  

Listed in Order of Picture (by no means in order of preference)

1. Nardcotix – Belted Swimsuit Coffee

2. Kyoot Army – Stripey Bikini – Saffron

3. [KA] Designs – Somm Bikini

4. Digit Darkes – Retro Bikini – Mocha

5. Artilleri – LeeLee Bikini – Zebra

6. eLDee – Darcy Bikini

7. Emery – Giraffe Bikini

8. WigWamBam – Moorea Swimsuit

9. Mimikri – St. Tropez Bikini

Featured in every photo:

Skin – LAQ – Kat 05 – [Peach] (hairbase)  Glow Skin

Hair – LAQ – Tess Hair (Black)