The Things I’ve Learned

I spent alot of time away from SL.  I needed to focus on RL, hell – I’m still focusing on RL.  Now I’m needing the escape from reality and I crave SL again.  The best escape for me was always blogging – please forgive me as I’m a little rusty in the writing and styling departments.

So, did I learn anything with my time away.  You betcha! 

1. A month in this world is like a year, and a year is well.. an eternity.

2. Don’t call it a comeback – I stated a comeback early this year, that didn’t last.  I don’t know what I’m calling this…

3. Black and White really are my favorite colors.  Sorry y’all.  I wish I liked lots and lots of different colors in my wardrobe.  I just don’t.  My everyday clothing is nearly all black and white with a little extra thrown in.  

4. Friends.   I don’t know what I’ve learned.   The friends in RL aren’t loyal, and the friends in SL delete you while you’re away.  

5. SL doesn’t have pain and sickness.  I like that. That’s why I want to be here now.

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.Showing Off.



No.. I’m not showing off.  I wanted to show off some great talented designers that aren’t blogged too terribly often but needed to definately be checked out. (Okay maybe  some are blogged incredibly often, but it just goes to show how much we all truly love them) Amazingly, I was able to throw all their items together.. (Just a day in my life.. Ya know.. Throwing looks together)

Let me start by apologizing for my photos now and for a little while.  My graphics card on my main computer is fried.   And, I have to save up for a little while.  We all must suffer through my graphics on my notebook computer.  ughh…

I’m going to go from the top of my head to the tip of my toes. 

The hair is actually two pieces from two fabulously talented designers.  The bangs are by Queue Marlowe of Analog Dog and the hair is by Tabata Jewell of Vanity Hair

My makeup is from a newer skin designer who I have been following from the very beginning and she is a total sweetheart- Miss BluAbyss Denimore of Vive9 (formely of LoveDot)

My NEW can’t take my eyes off of you (or off of my avatar) are the wonderfully detailed and beautifully shaded eyes from Carissa Crimson of Silhouette.  Known for her shapes, Carissa has just stepped up the eye religion.  I must say that I am a convert 100%.

The clothing is from Jojorunoo Runo of RunoRuno and I just have to say that I am always open mouthed in shock of how utterly amazing the textures and sculpted pieces of her clothing her for such an amazing low price.  Jojo has introduced fashion to those on a budget, and myself and I’m sure many on the grid are greatly thankful.

The shoes are from a partnership (fitting since there are 2 feet 😉 ) and I find it necessary to give both of them their full credit.  LeeZu Baxter and Enktan Gully of Courtisane.   Just beautiful!  Amazing textures and a completely unique style.

And no bloggers style is complete without the poses.  These poses come from a new little shop called Ana-Nations.  The designer is Anatalia Honi and she is about as nice and sweet as they come.  (Oh, and did I mention talented?)

Style Credits :   (So you can go buy from these wonderful, amazing, fabulous, talented designers)

Hair – Vanity Hair – soleil 2- soil

Bangs – Analog Dog – C Bangs – brown

Skin – Vive9 – BELLE Light Couture NB Skin

Eyes – Silhouette Eyes – BlueTurquoise

Bikini – ~*RunoRuno*~ Ribbon Bikini

Shoes – .*Courtisane*. Devoue Sandal – Black

Poses – ~Ana-Nations~ANTM Mckey & Shirtless

My 6 Favorite Posers

Favorite Posers1


When one makes a habit of blogging as much as possible, their inventory of poses tends to go through the roof.  Now, I will admit that I don’t think I have nearly as many as some bloggers and fashionistas on the grid.  But, when my pose stand of favorites has nearly 300 poses.  I think I can say that I’m a full fledged poser.  

I wanted to continue my countdown by doing something a little different and naming my favorite posers (pose makers).  My favorite countdown is about fashion, and without our poses we would never get to show off our fashions.   Narrowing my favs down to 6 was REALLY hard.  I can’t describe how hard it was.  And I know that there are some amazing, talented pose designers out there that I’m not mentioning and I have used their poses and been extremely pleased.  But, I could only choose 6.  Here is how I choose my 6 favorites.  1 – How many poses I actually had from the designer.  The more I had the closer they got to the top.  (Obviously, if I keep going back to buy more and more I really like them) and 2 – Ingenuity- Those poses that hopefully make us stop and stare.  The poses that aren’t just a stand but the onees that show a brief moment in time that seems captured still.

I want to say thank you for all the poses that are provided to us by all the amazingly talented designers.  I try to give credit to ya’ll when I can (but I do know that I am lacking in giving credit)  I do promise to start doing a much better job because ya’ll are amazing and truly deserve all the credit and thanks that you can get.

Poses Shown –

Pic 1 -(Left to Right )

Chance Greatrex – DareRobert Longo #5

Toko Voom – *V* PosesGlue #7

Evangeline Cortes – Lost AngelShowgirl #6

Pic 2 (Left to Right)

Yuuka Hirons – Lotta – Model 139

Larcoco Mathy – C’est La Vie – Sitting Pose #7

Candle Swords – PretzelNot-So-Wild-Girls Night Out #2

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Dancing with Myself


What does a girl do when she gets all dressed up but has no place in particular to go?  Well, She dances by herself of course!

Now, since I know I got Billy Idol – Dancing with myself stuck in your head you may proceed to sing and dance yourself 🙂

Style Notes:

Jacket/Vest – AOHARUFrenchSleeveDenimVest – Black

Shirt – MichaMi  – GlamTank in DarkBrown

Shorts – {Armidi Gisaci}Dans la Ville Shorts – Black

Shoes – J’s – GladiatorSandals – Black

Purse – Paper Couture –  The Tasty Bag (noir)

Necklace – [ICoN] – Heart necklace black

Bracelet – (NS) Rock’n’Rolla bangle set

Hair – !lamb –  Breeze – Ink

Eyes – Silhouette Eyes: BlueTurquoise

Skin – Vive9 –  Joy LIGHT Smoke B Skin

9 Swimsuits that…



…allow you to dive right in to whatever you want.  Pool, Seaside, Bed… I’m pretty sure there are no limits in SL.  These swimsuits are 9 of my personal favorites that are in my inventory and I wear regularly.   What item will I feature 8 of?   Do you have any suggestions of what you’d like to see in Sugar’s Favorite Things?  Just let me know!  

Listed in Order of Picture (by no means in order of preference)

1. Nardcotix – Belted Swimsuit Coffee

2. Kyoot Army – Stripey Bikini – Saffron

3. [KA] Designs – Somm Bikini

4. Digit Darkes – Retro Bikini – Mocha

5. Artilleri – LeeLee Bikini – Zebra

6. eLDee – Darcy Bikini

7. Emery – Giraffe Bikini

8. WigWamBam – Moorea Swimsuit

9. Mimikri – St. Tropez Bikini

Featured in every photo:

Skin – LAQ – Kat 05 – [Peach] (hairbase)  Glow Skin

Hair – LAQ – Tess Hair (Black)