7 Pieces of Jewelry… That I Can’t Stop Wearing


I’m back with my countdown of favorite things and this time I am featuring my 7 favorite pieces of jewelry.  I have to tell you it is getting harder and harder to pick my favorites as the numbers dwindle down.  Again I want to stress that my favorite things are not to feature what is new or what is hot. It simply is just a way to show off my favorite things in SL.  The items that no matter how much time goes by I just can’t seem to take off and the items that I always recommend to friends and strangers.  The items I look for and buy with my own L$ (I’d say hard earned, but I just buy them.. I don’t work).  Enjoy!  🙂 

Pictured from Left to Right/Top to Bottom

1. EssentiaSilver Medallion Set

2. CreamshopGlam Earrings (Shown in Black and Red)

3. Genesis (now Exodi)Aidan Bangles

4. Kraftika No. 123 Necklace

5. – ICoN Necklaces (Gold and Silver)

6. – Paper CoutureTimes Square Rings

7. – Shiny ThingsGlass Chunk Earrings


Just hanging out in the streets of SL

It never fails, everytime I’m dressed totally casual I get invited to a posh place and have to completely change my outfit. Luckily, with this one I didn’t have to do too much changing. One of my favorite new pieces of my wardrobe for this spring is the new jean jacket from Coco. It’s simply fabulous! It can be dressed up or down so easily with the awesome sculpted collar. I can’t take off the new curio vixen skins that I received as a gift from Gala. Simply amazing… These are some of the best skins I have ever seen. It says alot that I haven’t changed my skin in days! And, I have to drool over the new Elle F hair by Launa Fauna just a little bit. It’s a beautiful updo (and I tested the lag factor at the Clothing Fair, and it is fabulous) The price is just right too. You get it in all colors for under 200L.
Jacket – *COCO* DenimJacket(Midnight)
Shirt – Sh*t Happens – Grey Tree Tee
Pants – ::C’est la vie !::check pants(black)
Scarf – Maitreya Long Scarf * Champagne (tinted red)
Belt – [NC] -Belt08-[White]
Shoes – >TRUTH< Nomad Boot (Pewter)
Glasses – /artilleri/ nora glasses *black*
Bracelt – (Shiny Things) Florina bangles
Earrings – (Shiny Things) Pyra earring – silver
Skin – :GP: (Curio) Sundust [Light] Vixen-Mink 1
Hair – =Elle F= Cassandra – Brunette 2

Start Your Engines!

I must admit, it’s feeling good to be back. It only took me about a day to get used to the lag all over again. Whew! I’ve had to catch up on alot of shopping, alot of new designers, and alot of gossip. Thanks to my wonderful girls in FashCon Cafe for catching me up on as much as they could in one day. I decided to feature a some new favorites with an old favorite, and while I was playing with opposites decided to make those use the colors of black and white. (Which of course made me think of a racing flag) Ladies and Gentleman- Start Your Engines! I am back in the blogging business!

First up – New hair, skin and eyes. The hair is from Lamb which is quite lucious, and the skin is Leona from Redgrave (mmm, delicious). I picked the eyes from Deviant Girl because they were called sugar and I couldn’t resist, but I now love them so much. They have beautiful coloring, and although they are much less realistic than what I normally choose, they are ravishing with the contrast of dark hair.

Next new feature – The bomber Jacet from Coco. Coco wasn’t really on the grid when I took my va-cay from SL, but I can see why it is now. Great Textures, Fit, and we know how I love my sculpted clothing attachments.

I layered the Coco Jacket over my black Armidi Jumpsuit and finished out the white with the Coco belt and Kensington boots from Tesla. These boots were also hot on the grid, but there is a reason why, I absolutely love them. And they are the only boots that influenced me to take off my Stiletto Moody Croc boots for a bit.
Sorry Ya’ll – I just don’t have that much left to say I simply have too much shopping to do!
Jacket – *COCO* BomberJacket(White)
Belt – *COCO* WideBelt (White)
Boots – -TESLA- Kensington *white* Boots
Bracelet – Shiny Things Glass chunk bracelet – b&w
Hair – !lamb Breeze – Ink
Eyes – Deviant Girl – Sugar Eyes
Skin – *REDGRAVE* 15b Pale Skin -Leona- / *smoky*

Curious Girl

It’s not very often that I wear an outfit purely “off the rack.” But I saw the Gaya Girl outfit at Bijou and I have to say, it is coordinated perfectly. The yellow against the soft sea green and grey is beautiful. I also took the photos on the grand staircase at Bijou. I decided to stay as casual as possible and chose the Chunky Ribbon Boots from Shiny Things. Ladies, do invest in the HUD. You will have matching laces for every outfit under the sun, and even moon for that matter. Hair was only 30 Lindyloos at ETD’s sale. (going on until December 26th).

Outfit – Gaya Girl (Curious), Bijou
Shoes – Chunky Ribbon Boots w/ color changing hud, Shiny Things
Earrings – Twister Hoop Earrings, Ephemeral Jewelry Expo Gift
Hair – Mary-Black, ETD
Skin – Gen. 3-Light – Alice, Aden
Eyes – Hazel Eyes, Philotic Energy
Lashes – from Ghost 104, Pididdle
*all poses from Lost Angel*

Up against a Green Wall…and it’s a good thing!

First things first! Being a Texas girl, my thoughts go out to everyone in the Houston, Galveston, and surrounding areas. I have family I can’t reach and have been glued to the news. Stay strong and be kind to one another!!!

I put this outfit together really quick at Sari’s after I bought this tunic and wanted to share it with everyone. So quick.. I even took the pictures at Sari’s. How’s that for efficiency? 😉 One of the green fences was the perfect background.
This is such a comfy crossover outfit in between summer and fall. I’m not a huge fan of spring/summer colors like pastels and bright colors. So, I love the introduction of deep rich tones for the fall and winter. If you’re looking for purses.. I highly recommend BareRose! Their purses are found at Bare Rose Haute Couture, and there are lots of styles and colors all reasonably priced just like everything you find at BareRose. My shoes from J’s contain real toes. Which might sound kinda creepy, but for all of us who have suffered with open toe shoe fear in SL this is the perfect remedy. And my cute pedicured real toes have a toe ring to further accesorize.
Detour Hair and Rockberry Skins are my two favs, and I mention them often. Just pure fab!

Top – Thai Teak Tunic, Sari’s
Pants – tsunagi dark grey, Kurotsubaki
Purse – Evita Brown, BareRose
Shoes – Real Toe Gather Wedge Sandals Black, J’s
Bracelets – Hippie Delux Bracelet (black), Shiny Things
Hair – Hazy (night), Detour
Skin – Stage 4 Light Skin A, Rockberry

Je T’aime Tres Jolie!

I walked into Tres Jolie and sashayed out a new woman! Ladies, this shopping experience is top notch and truly the definition of high fashion. lota Ultsch takes care of her customers like the VIPs we know we all are. She helped me adjust all my clothing perfectly and even recommended the perfect pair of shoes from Maitreya to go with my new outfit. For the first time while fashion shopping in SL everyone in the store was talking and joking and it was so great and positive! I am in love with lota and Tres Jolie!
Le Sine en Aubergine is a lovely deep, rich shade of purple or eggplant if you will. And when I walk, my bow and skirt attachment gently glide in the wind. Oh.. it’s so lucscious I truly am running out of words. Just go and shop at Tres Jolie it’s a must and your clothing collection is lost without some of her pieces which are true works of art!
I wanted to keep all my attachments to a minimum so I stuck with my Monroe piercing (a freebie from Hair Fair) which I haven’t been able to take off and a bracelet and earrings from Shiny Things.

Outfit – Le Singe en Aubergine, Tres Jolie
Shoes – Slinky Stilettos – Grape, Maitreya
Skin – Ginger-Cassandra, LF Chai
Hair – Hera – Jet Black, MMShair
Lashes – Classic 3, Celestial Studios
Eyes – Hazled Fog, Freak Fantasia
Piercing – Monroe, Tousled (Hair Fair Freebie)
Earrings – Glass Chunk Earrings (B&W), Shiny Things
Bracelet – Glass Chunk Bracelet (B&W), Shiny Things

Hippie Camper… or is it Happy Camper?

Every once in awhile, I go camping. The main reason isn’t for lindens, which as many of us remember (it would take a week to save up for a new pair of shoes). I like meeting new people to SL. I like helping out those that are lost. And, I like giving old pieces of my inventory to those with great personalities in dire need. Of course, I have to dress the part. If I’m going camping, I want to dress to go camping. or at the very list a little on the hippie side 🙂
The shirt is from a men’s store, Chase, but it complements the female figure well.
The shorts were a great second find on my quest to find a baseball cap at Argrace (see the previous blog). The accessories are all from Shiny Things.
Shirt-Dylan Red, ::Chase::
Shorts– Lady Short Denim, *Argrace*
Hair– Erika Black, Kin
Bracelet-Hippie deluxe bracelets, Shiny Things
Necklace-Black leather tassle necklace and star choker, Shiny Things
Belt-Strung Leather Belt, Shiny Things
Bag-Love Dies Tattoo Shoulder Bag Purse, Red Rabbit Boutique (Fury Couture)
Shoes-Old Short Boots, [Bukka]
Nails-French Beige Nails, Fleur Nails
Eyes-Hazel Eyes, Philotic Energy
Skin– Sun Kissed-Earth, :Gala:
Shape-Custom, My own