7 Pieces of Jewelry… That I Can’t Stop Wearing


I’m back with my countdown of favorite things and this time I am featuring my 7 favorite pieces of jewelry.  I have to tell you it is getting harder and harder to pick my favorites as the numbers dwindle down.  Again I want to stress that my favorite things are not to feature what is new or what is hot. It simply is just a way to show off my favorite things in SL.  The items that no matter how much time goes by I just can’t seem to take off and the items that I always recommend to friends and strangers.  The items I look for and buy with my own L$ (I’d say hard earned, but I just buy them.. I don’t work).  Enjoy!  🙂 

Pictured from Left to Right/Top to Bottom

1. EssentiaSilver Medallion Set

2. CreamshopGlam Earrings (Shown in Black and Red)

3. Genesis (now Exodi)Aidan Bangles

4. Kraftika No. 123 Necklace

5. – ICoN Necklaces (Gold and Silver)

6. – Paper CoutureTimes Square Rings

7. – Shiny ThingsGlass Chunk Earrings


Loose Ends deserve to be Tied Up












It’s been such an odd day.  I’ve been feeling a little out of sorts.  So, I figured what better way to feel out of place than to dress a little like a boy.  Of course it’s me, and I had to glam it out in my usual style. 

Side Note:  Here is the text from my life in SL right now at the Second Life Models Party at DMA… I seriously can’t concentrate on this blog)

[17:35]  SugarKane Gumbo: Damn! I look back at the screen and the room is cleared out
[17:36]  SugarKane Gumbo: I don’t stink do i? 😉
[17:36]  HoneyBear Lilliehook: lol
[17:36]  HoneyBear Lilliehook: well
[17:36]  Jersey Ceriano: yeah you do
[17:36]  CheerCoach4EJS Gymnast: LOL noooo
[17:36]  Gem Henly: ㋡
[17:36]  HoneyBear Lilliehook: we’ve been meaning to discuss your deodorant with you hon
[17:36]  CheerCoach4EJS Gymnast: lmao
[17:36]  Jersey Ceriano: lmao
[17:36]  Jersey Ceriano shouts: lmao
[17:36]  Lilly25 Connolly: lol
[17:36]  SugarKane Gumbo smells herself.. It’s those damn gymnastics
[17:36]  CheerCoach4EJS Gymnast: o.O
[17:36]  HoneyBear Lilliehook: lol

Style Notes:

Shirt – Zaara – Isis shirt *white* (Jacket Layer)

Collar/Tie – Sweetest Goodbye – OK GO – White + Charcoal (woman) /collar

Undershirt – /artilleri/ – lacy leo (short) *black lace* (Shirt Layer)

Pants – Mimikri – Leather leggins/Cara black

Shoes –  .*Courtisane*.  – Hors d’haleine Booties /casanova

Bag >TRUTH< Over Nighter Bag [snow leopard]

Bracelet – LeeZu! – LalALa Bracelet /leo

Eyelashes – [glow]studio Vanity eyelashes – feather fly

Earrings – (creamshop) Glam earring  (black)

Hair – ::MC:: hair bomber wild1 female fl_typeB

Skin – – BEBAE – Coral *Cara: Smoke-B3

Eyes – Silhouette Eyes: BlueTurquoise

That’s Miss Capitaine to You!





It’s truly hard to believe that I’m still going through boxes and gifts from the bloggers’ appreciation week.  Actually, it’s not that hard at all to think seeing how we were treated like royalty and given gifts beyond our wildest dreams. The dress I’m wearing was what I chose with my Sexy2nd gift card and I love it so much! 

I chose to wear it today and style it with some red in honor of Memorial Day and while I don’t think that is what was in mind when the designer originally made it, I just felt like it was the perfect outfit to wear to a quiet place and observe solemnly all those that have lost their life fighting for our country.  I will not get into my political thoughts or views about war or the military.  But I will say that anytime someone loses their life it is a sad tragedy for all the families and loved ones that are left without that person.  I hope that everyone tonight is safe and not in harms way.

Style Credits :

Dress/Jacket/Gloves – Indyra Originals: La Capitaine: Black (free blogger gift from sexy2nd)

Boots – Armidi Gisaci – Kyoto Boot – Red Leather

Leggings – Pacadi – Coloured Leggings (Black)

Earrings – CreamShop – Glam Earring Red

Necklace – (NS) – Rock’n’Rolla Chain

Hair – Labieja – Dream Curl Black

Eyes – Big Eyes (Special Gift)

Eyelashes – TSM – LushLash Black

Skin – LAQ – Tasha 04 -Peach Glow Skin

Poses in full body shots by Chance Greatrex of Dare

A little bit of Fab at the Lost Angel Party


A fabulous party occured today for the opening of the new Lost Angel SIM.  8 hours of music and dancing!  I had the opportunity to see many friendly faces, old and new.  The SIM is amazing and I have never been so frustrated with my computer as I am today because I did not get to fully explore the entire SIM.  I can say that the 8 hour party was held in 4 different rooms, each of them just simply amazing.   I snapped this picture while wee little me was battling lag and could not dance and decided instead to sit.  Alas, It was like I was home.  Surrounded by shopping bags, and looking oh so glam! (The couch is for sale by the way and comes with 5 different sitting animations)

Lost Angel has always been at the top of my list when it comes to buying poses, and the new SIM and party were marvelous and a true testament to the quality, care and thought those goes into everything that is made.

I tried to be a little bit of fab myself, by throwing on some fab.pony which I just love and totally got me in the party mood.  Here it is, all the outfit details:

Jacket – =DeLa*= – Short Jacket “Bette” Black

Shirt (if you can call it that) – :bijou:  – Undo bratop/Silver

Shorts – Fab.PonySequin Booty Shorts Black

Leggings – Fab.PonyGlam Legging Gunmetal

Boots – Stiletto MoodyTall Boot Black Croc

Earrings – (CreamShop)Glam Earring Black

Hair – LAQAmani Hair

Eyelashes – CakeBedroom Lashes

Eyes – DGSugar Eyes

Skin – LAQ Kat 05 Peach Glow Skin

Maitreya Magic

The only thing worse than taking a vacation from SL and needing to shop everywhere to catch up on all the releases you missed is more new releases. But, I have to say that the Maitreya new releases are definately not a bad thing, they are amazing and pure magic. I rarely buy the colors that are on display but I fell in love and had to buy it. The colors complimented each other so nicely. I paired it with an old favorite pair of jeans from League which have remained some of my most worn jeans for quite some time.
And this outfit brings an end to my Valentine’s Day outfits. I survived the entire day without wearing red or pink. I urge everyone to go and spend some $ on something they love.
Shirt – Maitreya , Sculpted Top & Belt Firefly #1
Scarf – Maitreya, Long Scarf Champagne
Pants – League, Woodstock Jeans – Skinny Fit
Boots – Maitreya, Soho Boots-Boho Special Edition Brown
Bracelets – Fishy Strawberry, Bangles Brown Wood
Earrings – CreamShop, Dice Earrings
Hair – MMShair (now LeLutka), Ashley Light Brown
Eyes – Leezu Baxter, Eyes Dark Green
Skin – Redgrave, Leona Pale Skin Smoky 15b

These boots WERE made for walkin!

What can I say? I’m feeling completely inspired by these boots. Here’s another great outfit featuring the Tesla Boots and Aoharu Trench Coat. Yumminess! I layered it over an outfit from one of my favorite stores – Emery. Keeping all these posts short so I can keep them coming! I have alot of catching up to do.

Jacket – Aoharu, Wavy Trench Coat White
Outfit – Emery, Umma Outfit
Boots – Tesla, Kensington Boot White
Jewelry – CreamShop, Dice Accessories Set
Hair – [C&H], Yokonagare Brown
Skin – REDGRAVE, Pale Skin 15 Leona
Eyes – Blue Big Eyes, Gift