Sissy goes Silky… A new collection from Baiastice.

BaiasticeI’m here to tell you that the lovely Sissy Pessoa has done it again.  At the top of my list in anticipation for designer’s new releases is Sissy’s collections at Baiastice.  She continues to amaze me with her fabulous style, wonderful textures, and amazing ingenuity.  Today I am showing you 3 of the colors from her new design – the Silk Charmeuse Dress. 

Months ago I had the amazing opportunity to interview Sissy for an up and coming fashion magazine.  Unfortunately, that magazine never took off and the interview was never able to be printed.  But I did save it.  I want to share parts of it with my readers now.  Some content has been removed due to time sensitive material, but it’s still a great chance to learn a little more about Sissy and her amazing label – Baiastice.

Interview with Sissy Pessoa:

First of all, it is an honor to interview you.  I absolutely love your fashions, and the new Fall collection is fabulous.

When you started in SL, did you know you would be a fashion designer?
 -After a little period of Second Life exploration, I understood very soon that this is my destiny here to design fashion.

What was the first piece you created?
-The first thing was a simple top in pailletes, short and without sleeves.

Any favorite designers that inspire you?  (SL or RL)
 -I love many designers and many styles.  Much depends about the collections, for example I love Armani classic style, Gaultier and Vivienne Westwood for innovations but in this time my favorite is Galliano.

Casual or Formal?  What is your favorite to design?  
 -My favorite is Formal but not always; for winter I made many outfits casual that I like.
Casual or Formal?  What is your favorite to wear?
 – That all depends, I love formal but only in very formal occasions.

The fashion industry in SL is so competitive.  What do you think keeps you on top?
 -For me each new collection has a different inspiration.  When I design a new collection I start from the beginning, everything is new not only the concept but also textures, sculpties and accessories. On release day everyone is sure to find a complete new collection, not just retextured items. Also many of my customers appreciate the variety of different styles, from 80’s to formal … from funky to couture.

What do you enjoy most about creating clothing in SL?
 -I create clothing as a way to express my creativity and I enjoy every single part of the creation process …from the very first inspiration moment to the final moment when I place it in the store and recieve the feedback of the customers.

What is your personal style?
-Anything black and simple lol

Your favorite quote?
 -“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” Coco Chanel


Style Notes:

Dress /Gloves- Baiastice – Silk Charmeuse Dress (shown in White, Grey, and Pearl)

Hair – Lelutka – SAMARA Hair – (shown in Caramel Brown, Chestnut Brown, & Coffee Brown)

Skin – MMS – Gift Skin (no longer available)

Eyes – Wasabi Pills – Friday Eyes (Opal)


Just one of those days…


What a busy, busy SL day and I did it all in this outfit.  Special thanks to BluAbyss Denimore of Vive9 for dropping even more skins on me and making me look fabulous.

Here we go…  Home decorating (since I just moved in with Lourdes), Shopping, Fashion Show (where I landed on the runway in the middle of the show trying to teleport out), Fashion RFL Auction, Shopping, Kick Group Chat (for not working), Party (Thanks to Voshie for the invite), RFL United Forces Fashion Show (where some of us in the audience went primless after SySy encouraged us)(thanks to Elizabeth for the invite), Crash, Blog… So, What else does my day have in store? 

Style Credits:

Jacket – AOHARU FrenchSleeveDenimVest –  Black

Shirt – –Phoenix RisingLace Traces Tank- Aqua

Skirt – (Baiastice) Blame (part of)

Necklace – [ICoN]Heart necklace black

Bracelet – Zaara : Melange bangles gold 

Shoes – J’s Real Toe GladiatorSandals Black

Hair – Uncle Web Studio  Michele Hair brown

Eyes – booN tsubura eyes steelblue

Skin – Vive9 –  AOKI Light Tropicali NB

Background from Deviant Art – Truck of Yonder by :er0k

Wow! This Blogger feels appreciated!!!


I know we are all still opening boxes and feeling just completely amazed still (at least I know I am)

So many designers were just so wholeheartedly kind to all the bloggers this past week, and I just can’t thank all of them enough.   Some of those fabulous designers made sure to tell us that we need not blog about the given items that they truly were a gift, but I find myself just having to say Thank You.  That, and well I have a completely new inventory that I must wear now, and of course I blog what I am wearing.

From the bottom of this little bloggers heart and the tips of her fingers.  Thank You! 

Thank You to all the designers for showing such amazing talent to inspire me to write about you and style myself.  And, most importantly, thanks to Callie Cline for scheduling everything.

Style Credits (All blogger appreciation gifts)

Shirt – {SMS} Dotty Belt Top Peach

Pants/Belt – Baiastice – Fiore di perla

Shoes – The French Farm- Pretty  shoes

Bag – .:MALT:. Fashions – Suede Tote – GoldenHair

Skin – *YS&YS* – 20 – Chiara – Sunny – Glit – Freckles –  EB

Eyes – *YourSkin* – EyeReal – forest

Hair – House of Heart – Runway – brown

Background/Poses – I snuck into my friend Lourde’s house and used her Cyanide pose wall.  (Which was a blogger gift)

A Truly Formal Affair

Snapshot_001 copyMasquerade Invite 3When a friend of mine invited me to a Masquerade Ball happening last night, well.. of course I had no choice but to attend! 

How could I ever resist the opportunity to dress to the nines and dance in stilettos all night long.  To all those that missed it, it was a fabulous event filled with wonderful people and great friends. 

A huge thanks to Sissy Pessoa of Baiastice for providing all of us with some of the best masks I have seen. 

Snapshot _ The Cove, Laguna Beach Cove (145, 35, 27)

This fabulous picture was taken by the never lady in a crowd, Marleen Vaughan, and post edited by myself.  Actually, I must say Marly is the only person I know that can be vulgar and be graceful at the same time.  I love here and I love the energy she captured in this picture.  I feel as if we’re walking like egyptians.  Marly wore vintage Last Call, a fabulous choice.


Snapshot_002 copy

And, now on to the details of my outfit.  I wanted to be sure to stand out in the crowd and decided to mix and match some fabulous pieces of dresses to truly be unique.  I must say that I did not see a single instance of a repeat outfit offender. 

Dress Bodice: LelutkaMaria Dress (Jacket Layer) LapointeCouture Black Silk Dress (Lace Shirt Layer)

Dress Skirt: Lapointe Couture Black Silk Evening Dress

Dress Neckline/Feathers: Indyra OriginalsFeather Fringe (from Couture Collection Maltese Oyster Dress)Earrings:

Mask: BaiasticeNight Mask black (gift from event)

Skin: :GP: Sundust [Light] Vixen-Merlot 2

Hair: Laqroki – Biscuit – goldenblonde

Earrings: (creamshop)  – Glam earring

And.. for once, the shoes don’t matter because you can’t see them.

Cock-A-Doodle Do!

I have to admit, that one of my favorite all time shows was Arrested Development. I love the repeat chicken reference from Gob, and one of the best episodes is when the entire family makes their version of “acting like a chicken”.
Okay, so this outfit is Heron not Chicken. But it’s still feathers and it made me think about that.
Now to the fashion… I seriously can’t get enough of Paper Couture’s new line. I know it’s been blogged… A LOT… But, I still feel the need to express my love. It’s fab and if you don’t own most of it already, you should be like the rest of the fashion universe and go buy it. Come On! It’s fun to be like everyone else…(just as long as you do it in your own way)
Bolero -Big Bolero & Waspie Necklace, Baiastice (Ghost 82)
Dress – Night Heron, Paper Couture
Stockings – Tights 05 – Dots Black, Sheer
Shoes – Feather Heels – Black, Redgrave
Hair – Flapper – Espresso, ETD
Eyes – Sweet Eyes NavyxGreen, [Bingo]
Skin – Siren-Diamond-Naida, the oBscene

Backstage Beauty

October 31st did not exist as Halloween it was Paper Couture Release Day! I saw the layered crows outfit, and I immediately thought rocker chic. Ladies backstage have such a negative association. I present Backstage Beauty. This lady controls her surroundings, while keeping an eye out on all the hot rockstars. She’s tough as nails, and far from easy.

Top – Layered Crows (part of outfit), Paper Couture
Pants – Opera Grunge Pure Jeans, (Glamurena)
Socks – Mokomoko socks/charcoal, *UnTone Quilt*
Shoes -Mistress Boots – Black (foot only), [Detour]
Purse – Attitude Fall Reg 2008, Baiastice
Hair – The Bombshell -Tropez, (Armidi Hair)
Lashes – Flutter Lashes, Cake
Eyes – Sweet Eyes NavyxGreen, [Bingo]
Skin – Moscow Light Gfit skin A (from ghost 12), MMS

I wear my sunglasses at night…

Great… so now I’m totally singing that song in my head. I did wear my sunglasses at night as a kid, now I’m completely blind and can’t see anything. Go figure! Being cool has it’s consequences. And speaking of cool… man my ankles are killing me because I’m sporting the truly fabulous Stiletto Moody Stiletto Heels that are to die for! Ladies, it is worth the pain! These shoes are true works of art. They compliment my dress very nicely. Where did you get that dress Sugar? Oh so glad you asked! 50% of sale at Baiastice gave me this wonderful Geom Dress. I love the way it flows. I love the pattern. I love the price! I hide from the paparazzi, in my yummy bugeye glasses from H&V. I can’t take these glasses off. They are so big and glamorous and the kind of glasses I only wish I could pull off in RL with my tshirt and jeans. (I can’t, I’ve tried) 😉 But, I can pull off fabulous pearl necklaces in RL and SL (ladies get your heads out of the gutter)…I’m talking about the black pearl necklace from Paper Couture. Trust me, this ain’t your boyfriend’s pearl necklace. A girl needs her necessities, and I decided to carry them all in the luxe Freja bag in black from Bare Rose Haute Couture. I’ve mentioned their purses before, but I can’t stop telling you how great they are. Affordable and I can even fit in my kitchen sink. Don’t believe me? Invite me over to do your dishes! My wrist stays warm with the Turkish Delight Bangles from Fresh Baked Goods. (Mmmm.. Do I smell cookies?)
My great makeup came from Redgrave. Redgrave has some of the most luminous skins in SL.. Silky… Shiny… Smooth… (Ooo.. now I need a bubble bath… ) So I could show off my skin, and dress, and necklace, and glasses, and shoes… you get the point right?) I had to pull my hair back with the Shop Seu Pompadour Hair. Eyes not mentioned since you can’t see them 😉

Dress – Geom Dress, Baiastice
Shoes – Silver Studsides Pump (black), Stiletto Moody
Glasses – Bugeye Glasses, H&V
Necklace – Black Pearls, Paper Couture
Bracelet – Turkish Delight Metal Bangles Set w/Heart B&W, ~*FBG*~
Purse – Freja Black, Bare Rose Haute Couture
Skin – 05 Scarlett Pale Skin/*brown, *REDGRAVE*
Hair – Pompaudor Hair Black, *SHOP SEU*