.Can we order takeout?.

When it is cold outside and I am bundled in my warmest pajamas, with a fire burning in the fireplace; the absolute last thing I want to do (besides taking a cold shower) is getting up to cook dinner.  This is the real reason we gain weight in the winter – because we keep ordering takeout instead!  Well, even if I’m not using it – at least I have a cute kitchen to pose in and take pictures. ::winks::

Style Notes:

  • Dress: Elate! Sam (Chocolate)
  • Sweater: tram Knit shirt
  • Leggings:  This is a Fawn Lace Leggings -Grey
  • Boots:   [Gos] Curvaceous Boots – Black
  • Hair  Maitreya  Lauren – Natural Blond (Christmas Gift)
  • Skin:  KLETVA PietraSkinSummer/LB-bald/mk#6
  • Eyes:  KLETVA Recognizer Eyes – havelock

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