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While her store was still named Genesis, Ryker Beck created Eden in March 2009, and myself and many others fell in love with her creation.  A beautiful woman with a range of makeups.  It was immediate to see the immense talent of Ryker, and many even got to follow her process as she would post stages of completion.  Ryker changed the name of her business to :Exodi:: but what hasn’t changed is the amazing detail in each of her skins.  Lily has been introduced and I find myself falling in love all over again with a lady who can be subtle and fierce, sexy and demure, vivacious and humble all at the same time.

Pictured Below (from L to R) : Lily Skins in Elm – Romantique, Cedar – Blame, Cherry – Chocolate, Dove – Errands


Ryker Beck is one of the skin designers at this years Discover Your Skin event, and in preparation for the event I had the chance to interview Ryker.  Here is what we had to say…

SugarKane: Why did you first join SL?

Ryker: I first joined Second Life after hearing about it through word of mouth in real life. My first avatar was created in November of 2006. After a little poking around, I somewhat lost interest in the game until February 2007, when Ryker Beck was born into the grid. After a couple of months, I had discovered photography, which was where my “creation” obsession started. Once I realized the potential for artistic and content creation within Second Life, I was hooked.

SugarKane: How long have you been designing skins in SL?

Ryker: I started designing skins in March 2009 with my first release of Eden under the Genesis brand name. Since then, I have released 3 new skins, including an upgrade to the original Eden. It was a two year dream to finally begin skin making, and when I finally did, I can’t seem to stop!

SugarKane: What is your best selling item?

Ryker: My best selling item is actually a sculpted dagger necklace made for both men and women named the Davarriale Necklace.

Dagger Necklace copy

SugarKane: What inspires you?

Ryker: Music inspires me a lot, as I’m sure it does most people. I can’t work without some good trance or electric music playing in my ears! It keeps me focused, gets my ideas flowing and helps me develop new ones along the way.

SugarKane:  Do you follow make-up artists in RL?  If so, who is your favorite?

Ryker: I do not! Hah. I’m always worried that if I derive too much inspiration from something I LOVE that already exists, that I will blend too much of the real with the virtual. By that, I mean — I will let the real-world inspirational piece take over the virtual-world inspiration piece. I’d like to attempt to keep as much of my own originality in a piece as possible, and I always worry that with too much influence by something that already exists, then my own creation will reflect that influence. If that makes sense!

SugarKane:  What are some of your hobbies outside of skin designing in SL?

Ryker: I also create jewelry, I have just started learning Maya modeling software, and I spend as much time as can with my first and second life love, Dion Bracken. 🙂

SugarKane: Finally choose your own Question and Answer (any topic) 🙂

Ryker: Besides yourself, who is your favorite skin designer?
Ryker: Annyka Bekkers of Blowpop. I truly love the detail in her skins, and the painstaking process she must go through to hand draw them. They are beautiful, delicate and simply some of the most gorgeous creations on the grid.

Here is one last look at Lily.


Lily and Ryker’s Designs can be found at Discover Your Skin or the Exodi Mainstore.


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