Discover Your Skin – Nikita Fride Interview

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Today I want to introduce you to a skin designer that you might not have had the chance to meet.  Her name is Nikita Fride, and her store is titled the same.  Nikita Fride is a makeup artist, creating skins with an emphasis on different makeups.  She was the first designer to create skins based on a real cat’s face photo, male skin with lapel kiss,  and diamond drops in skin.  While her skins range from the most sinister and bruised skin with cuts, to the most perfect angel makeup; I decided to show off some of the more “fashion friendly” skins that she has to offer.

(Shown Below – Left to Right)  Chanel – Natural, Lace Mask – Bronze, Sweet Moon – Natural, Retro –  Bronze, Chanel (wet lips) – Natural

Nikita Fride - Sugar

Speaking with Nikita is a wonderful experience and you can quickly see the passion she holds for all her designs.  For the  interview and pictures of her new releases click below.

SugarKane: Why did you first join SL?
Nikita: As a good student of fashion, new technology, made me curious to know the Second Life.

SugarKane:  What is your best selling item?
Nikita: Certainly, the most bloody, bold or sophisticated. I think they sell more, because they are not common in SL.

 SugarKane: What inspires you?
Great question, but vacant reply. Everything and nothing! Let me explain. The inspiration can come, for the night badly slept, or the perfect dream. It can be the music wakes up that me, or the quarrel of the neighbors. It can be a stranger who crosses the street, or the photo of the best friend, may be the meow of my cat loving or my scar to bite him. Inspiration are images and imaginations, acquired randomly. That appear abstract,  they mixed and if they transform into ideas, and if they materialize in the ready workmanship.

SugarKane: Define your idea of beauty
Nikita: Beauty is more than an idea. But are Ideals, that we all constantly seeking and experiencing metamorphosis as our current needs.

SugarKane: What are some of your goals related to being a skin designer?
Nikita: I would insatiability produce, more and more products. always thinking on the client, offering new features, creativity and good taste. But they remember, I taste to surprise. Then do not expect predictable and common skins, in store Nikita Fride.

I asked Nikita to create her own Question and Answer and here is what she had to say.

Nikita: Leaving of side the Designer Nikita, how is the personality of this neko called Nikita?
I have a penetrating and watchful eye. Calm movements and thinking fast. Agile in the dark and attitudes often unpredictable, but true. Senses sharp and strong personality, but I am gentle with friends, I always see them smiling and protected. But I am very alert to strangers in, need to observe them before. Curiosity may kill me, but I not have afraid. I prefer see what is the other side. I am so … as a cat,funny or aggressive, smart or lazy, delicate or wild … everything depends on how you look at a cat/neko, or a Catwoman….  Nikita fride

Nikita Fride has introduced 2 fabulous new skins, ELEMENTS, based on the 4 elements, Earth, Air, Water & Fire, and JUNGLE KING, an amazing cat-faced skin at Discover your Skin.

ELEMENTS are 4 makeup designs based upon the four elements of nature: Fire, Water, Earth and Air.  These stunning and beautiful skins are available in two skin tones, natural and bronze.  Each Skin includes an ornamented version, and an unadorned version, each in 2 lipstick colors, for a total of 4 skins in each “Element.”  Each Elements skin also includes a pair of wings. “Elements” sells for 1500L per makeup.  Ms. Fride is also offering Elements in a a very special package at Discover your Skin that includes an Elements makeup (Air, Water Earth or Fire) along with a shape, eyebrows, prim eyelashes, wings, plus a specially designed hairstyle and a pair of sculpted-toe sandals. This amazing package is available for only 2000L, a savings of over 400l if purchased separately.

Nikita Fride-Elements

Ms. Fride has also introduced JUNGLE KING at Discover your Skin.  Jungle King is a beautiful, very unique and glamourous “cat face” skin.  Jungle King come in both natural and bronze skin tones, each skin includes both a partially furry, and all-skin version.  Jungle King retails fro 1500L per skin and includes a shape.  Ms Fride has also designed  a fabulous hair to complement Jungle King, available in a full range of colors, the Jungle King hair is sold separately for 200L.

Nikita Fride - Jungle King

Nikita: I would like to take this opportunity to thank all customers, friends, fans and partnerships. I sincerely appreciate your very kind considerations every day. Thank You Very Much!

You can see Nikita’s skins at Discover Your Skin or at the Nikita Fride Mainstore

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