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For the second installment of my “Discover Your Skin” coverage I had the chance to speak with Corbantis Priestman of UK Couture.  Corbantis will be showing all of her new/recently finished skins at this years event.  Before I begin with my conversation with her, here is a sneak peek of what you can see and buy. 

Corbantis has created shapes for the skins designed.  To show off the skin, I wanted to do something a little different and I have shown the skin in 2 versions. 1- On my shape, since that is what my readers are accustomed to seeing and 2 – On the shape provided by Corbantis for the skins.






SugarKane: Why did you first join SL?
Corbantis: A friend told me what a wonderfully creative environment it was…so I decided to check it out for myself….

SugarKane: How long have you been designing skins in SL?
Corbantis: Nearly three years and loving every minute of it! 

SugarKane: What inspires you?
Corbantis: The desire to create beautiful things inspires me everyday!

SugarKane: Define your idea of beauty.
Corbantis: Megan Fox lol

SugarKane: What are some of your goals related to being a skin designer?
Corbantis: My only goal is to make beautiful things

SugarKane: Finally choose your own Question and Answer (any topic) 🙂

Corbantis: ok my own question… hmm nice touch!… ok here it is….

Q) Is there anything else you’d like to make in SL?  A) Hair 🙂


You can find UK Couture skins at Discover Your Skin or at the UK Couture Mainstore.

Style Credits:

Skins – UK Couture

Hair – Exile – Breeze – Mink

Bikini – RunoRuno – Ribbon Bikini


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