Discover Your Skin – Free Speerit

Discover Your Skin with text

Discover Your Skin begins on August 12th, and I have had the privilege to speak with some of the amazing designers that will be taking part in this wonderful skin fair.   I decided to start out by talking with Desidelia Vella of Free Speerit, and show off some of her amazing skins.  Before we get to the interview, I’d like to show off an amazing skin of hers – Kimberly. 

And please don’t forget you can check out Free Speerit skins at Discover Your Skin or at the Free Speerit mainstore.



“Desidelia,  Why did you first join SL?”

I saw in the news was a easy way to make money, but one week later I stayed for other reasons, friends, art, explore, photography, etc. I never did skins to make money in reality, besides after 2 years I can tell you it is not easy to make money in SL and if you do it is like any other work, lot of hours and you will win like any other job in RL .

 “What is your favorite skin designed so far? “

I suppose Kimberly from the ones that are on sale, but I am very happy with the 2 incoming skins, Fiona and Maya (shown)

FS - Upcoming Maya

” What inspires you? “

Music, I hear music all the time, but also I look magazines in all the bars I go to make a coffee, always looking the details, make ups, etc. I also look at people when i walk  in any place, I am sure some girls have thought i am lesbian or something because I look at them like i was a guy but i am really looking at the shadows and lighting of the body hehe.

“Define your idea of beauty “

That is impossible to describe, but if u ask for feminine, I would say something round and soft .

“What are some of your hobbies outside of skin designing in SL?”

I have a lot, I never have time for all the things i want to make, I see a lot of movies, but a lot, I also made special effects for some independant movies. I also love photography, SL brought me a great hobby, sl photos, you can see my work here: and I love specially nude photography, was one the main reasons I started doing skins. Lately my 1st hobby is go to the beach as we are in summer and I live on an island. As you can see I am a normal person (lol) I don’t stay all day on the pc designing skins, but maybe this  is the reason why I dont release a skin every month (hehe)


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