Discover Your Skin – Chaisuki

Discover Your Skin with text

Only 2 days left for the UVogue Discover Your Skin event.  If you haven’t dropped by yet, I urge you to stop in and most importantly check out Chaisuki skins.  Chai Kazan has released her Elaine line recently, and they are absolutely beautiful.  Elaine skins are available in 6 skintones – Light, Sunkissed, Medium, Tan, Dark, and Mocha. 

Chaisuki - Medium - Dark

I had a few questions for Chai and here is what she had to say.

SugarKane: How long have you been designing skins in SL?
Chai:nearly one year

SugarKane: What inspires you?
Chai: I invested a great deal of time into shopping for make-up and trying out new colors and styles. If I like my new creation, it becomes a skin.

SugarKane: Define your idea of beauty.
Chai: Beauty is just not about looks. Its about how the person carries himself/herself. All aspects like behavior, attitude, charisma, which makes the other person think that he or she is beautiful.

SugarKane: What are some of your hobbies outside of skin designing in SL?
Chai: Drawing/Sketching, Photography, Internet Games

Chai had one more thing to say 🙂

My hope for the future:

A better idea should be found to to protect artists´ works. The designers deserve to be protected and thorough implementation can safe-guard their rights. On the other hand, Skin designer should stop making each other’s life a living hell.

Here’s one last look at the Chaisuki Elaine Skins

Chaisuki Light

Chaisuki skins can be found at Discover Your Skin or at the Chaisuki Mainstore.


Work and Play


 Just a little bit of newness to share with this outfit. (Warning this is a quick post after a LONG weekend)  The first thing I’m going to mention are the amazing Bax Coen Prestige Boots.  Bax never fails to dissapoint I went forever without taking off my ankle boots upon their release, and it looks like I’ve got some knee high boots to wear for days on end.  Not only are the textures and fit amazing, but I am always unbelievably impressed with the work that goes into the scripting of Bax’s objects making them completely versatile and unique to each owner.  I had to buy both colors offered in both Black and White as I stood in the store completely unable to decide.



New from Chikka Designs is the lovely leather jacket.  Which for once I chose in a color other than Black or Grey, and I decided with purple.  I’m so thrilled with my choice.  I love this jacket.  And it’s definately fun to add a little color to my wardrobe.   I feel so “I’m a business woman that just got off of work and now I’m ready to hit the town and have fun!”




Style Notes:

JacketChikka Design: Leather jacket – purple

Scarf – MichaMi: Joanie Scarf in Black

Dress/Skirt – Cupcakes (<3C!): Black Gathered Dress

Tights – *Sheer* : Tights 05 –  Dots Black

Boots – BAX : Prestige Boots Black

Hat/Hair – (Posh) : Jenny takes over the business – Umber

Skin – BEBAE :Coral *Cara: Smoke-B3

Eyes – Silhouette Eyes: Onyx

Eyelashes – Silhouette Lashes: DANGEROUS

Discover Your Skin – Exodi

Discover Your Skin with text

While her store was still named Genesis, Ryker Beck created Eden in March 2009, and myself and many others fell in love with her creation.  A beautiful woman with a range of makeups.  It was immediate to see the immense talent of Ryker, and many even got to follow her process as she would post stages of completion.  Ryker changed the name of her business to :Exodi:: but what hasn’t changed is the amazing detail in each of her skins.  Lily has been introduced and I find myself falling in love all over again with a lady who can be subtle and fierce, sexy and demure, vivacious and humble all at the same time.

Pictured Below (from L to R) : Lily Skins in Elm – Romantique, Cedar – Blame, Cherry – Chocolate, Dove – Errands


Ryker Beck is one of the skin designers at this years Discover Your Skin event, and in preparation for the event I had the chance to interview Ryker.  Here is what we had to say…

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Discover Your Skin – Nikita Fride Interview

Discover Your Skin with text

Today I want to introduce you to a skin designer that you might not have had the chance to meet.  Her name is Nikita Fride, and her store is titled the same.  Nikita Fride is a makeup artist, creating skins with an emphasis on different makeups.  She was the first designer to create skins based on a real cat’s face photo, male skin with lapel kiss,  and diamond drops in skin.  While her skins range from the most sinister and bruised skin with cuts, to the most perfect angel makeup; I decided to show off some of the more “fashion friendly” skins that she has to offer.

(Shown Below – Left to Right)  Chanel – Natural, Lace Mask – Bronze, Sweet Moon – Natural, Retro –  Bronze, Chanel (wet lips) – Natural

Nikita Fride - Sugar

Speaking with Nikita is a wonderful experience and you can quickly see the passion she holds for all her designs.  For the  interview and pictures of her new releases click below.

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Discover Your Skin – UK Couture

Discover Your Skin with text

For the second installment of my “Discover Your Skin” coverage I had the chance to speak with Corbantis Priestman of UK Couture.  Corbantis will be showing all of her new/recently finished skins at this years event.  Before I begin with my conversation with her, here is a sneak peek of what you can see and buy. 

Corbantis has created shapes for the skins designed.  To show off the skin, I wanted to do something a little different and I have shown the skin in 2 versions. 1- On my shape, since that is what my readers are accustomed to seeing and 2 – On the shape provided by Corbantis for the skins.






SugarKane: Why did you first join SL?
Corbantis: A friend told me what a wonderfully creative environment it was…so I decided to check it out for myself….

SugarKane: How long have you been designing skins in SL?
Corbantis: Nearly three years and loving every minute of it! 

SugarKane: What inspires you?
Corbantis: The desire to create beautiful things inspires me everyday!

SugarKane: Define your idea of beauty.
Corbantis: Megan Fox lol

SugarKane: What are some of your goals related to being a skin designer?
Corbantis: My only goal is to make beautiful things

SugarKane: Finally choose your own Question and Answer (any topic) 🙂

Corbantis: ok my own question… hmm nice touch!… ok here it is….

Q) Is there anything else you’d like to make in SL?  A) Hair 🙂


You can find UK Couture skins at Discover Your Skin or at the UK Couture Mainstore.

Style Credits:

Skins – UK Couture

Hair – Exile – Breeze – Mink

Bikini – RunoRuno – Ribbon Bikini

Discover Your Skin – Free Speerit

Discover Your Skin with text

Discover Your Skin begins on August 12th, and I have had the privilege to speak with some of the amazing designers that will be taking part in this wonderful skin fair.   I decided to start out by talking with Desidelia Vella of Free Speerit, and show off some of her amazing skins.  Before we get to the interview, I’d like to show off an amazing skin of hers – Kimberly. 

And please don’t forget you can check out Free Speerit skins at Discover Your Skin or at the Free Speerit mainstore.



“Desidelia,  Why did you first join SL?”

I saw in the news was a easy way to make money, but one week later I stayed for other reasons, friends, art, explore, photography, etc. I never did skins to make money in reality, besides after 2 years I can tell you it is not easy to make money in SL and if you do it is like any other work, lot of hours and you will win like any other job in RL .

 “What is your favorite skin designed so far? “

I suppose Kimberly from the ones that are on sale, but I am very happy with the 2 incoming skins, Fiona and Maya (shown)

FS - Upcoming Maya

” What inspires you? “

Music, I hear music all the time, but also I look magazines in all the bars I go to make a coffee, always looking the details, make ups, etc. I also look at people when i walk  in any place, I am sure some girls have thought i am lesbian or something because I look at them like i was a guy but i am really looking at the shadows and lighting of the body hehe.

“Define your idea of beauty “

That is impossible to describe, but if u ask for feminine, I would say something round and soft .

“What are some of your hobbies outside of skin designing in SL?”

I have a lot, I never have time for all the things i want to make, I see a lot of movies, but a lot, I also made special effects for some independant movies. I also love photography, SL brought me a great hobby, sl photos, you can see my work here: and I love specially nude photography, was one the main reasons I started doing skins. Lately my 1st hobby is go to the beach as we are in summer and I live on an island. As you can see I am a normal person (lol) I don’t stay all day on the pc designing skins, but maybe this  is the reason why I dont release a skin every month (hehe)

A Royal Affair



I am just absolutely in love with Marni Grut’s new designs at Royal Blue.   And, yes, I know these have  been blogged like crazy… but I just had to show you some of my new favorites with an old favorite 🙂  I truly do love dressing in Royal, and there will be more to come 🙂

Style Notes:

Jacket: (Royal Blue) Corporate Pow Wow in Ebony

Shirt: (Royal Blue) Body Con Is Not Dead in SIlver

Necklace: (Royal Blue) Upper Class Ghetto Necklace Off White and Black

Hair: ::MC:: hair bomber wild2 female fl_typeA

Eyes: Silhouette Eyes: Malachite


Skin: :: Exodi :: Eden v2 (Nutmeg) “Cygne Noir” (at Black Swan)

Who Designed it Better – “The Ruffled Mini Dress”



Good Evening Readers!  I am back after a very very long week of work in RL, and I wanted to feature a blog open to voting since I haven’t done one of these in quite some time.   I realize the two styles I’ve chosen to compare are not exact and there are many differences, but I do think there are enough similarities to host on “Who designed it better.”






If you remember my “Who Designed it Better Post from Hair Fair” on Fashionphiles then you will know what I’m about to say, but for those readers that did not get to see that post; I will say that I love each of these dresses equally and for different reasons.  This is merely a fun way to open a discussion on style.  Let the voting begin, and enjoy. I give you the LeLutka – Paras Dress and the Whippet & Buck – Haver Tiered Frock.  Both are lovely little ruffled mini dresses and both sleeveless and perfect for our summer weather.