To The Nines…

SugarKane1- bright

I was perusing on Plurk when I saw something from Barbara Nicholls that caught my eye.   A model search at Leezu.  Hooray!  Being a long time fan of LeeZu! (I actually started out loving the designs when it was Leezu Baxter Designs and I must say it is the textures I fell in love with.)  Pure Yumminess!  So, since it was LeeZu! (which I love) and there are rarely model openings, I became extremely excited and proceeded to piece an outfit together with some of my LeeZu/LBD pieces.  As I saw the entire outfit coming together, I thought to myself. “I’m going to have to blog this.” (Which is of course, what I am doing right now)  

My fun adventure of a story doesn’t end there.  As many of you know I just completed a RL move and I am still “borrowing” my neighbor’s internet access.  (Some of you could say it’s stealing… but I just think that is quite rude of you to say.. It’s “Borrowing”  (Mainly because I’m doing it politely))  ::wink::  Due to the aformentioned borrowing of the internet, SL has been a monster unleashing lag on me and every snapshot taken results in a “Not Responding” message.  So I visited the dear ole’ Best of SL Readers chat room and asked for help.   That’s where the wonderful and talented Roxe Brimmer offered to help me by joining me on the To The Nines SIM and photographing me… And that is why these are the most beautiful pictures you’ve ever seen on this blog.  Don’t believe me?  Just keep looking!




Style Notes:
Jacket/Collar – LBD La pequena chaqueta BW
2nd Collar – LBD London Collar /black
Shirt/Skirt/Cuffs – LeeZu! Revolution Pan
Pants – LeeZu Brit Pants
Boots – Detour Mistress Boots
Hair – ::MC:: hair bomber wild2female f_typeA
Eyes – /Wasabi Pills/ Friday Eyes – Opal
Skin – [the oBscene] CHAVONNE ~ Rachael ~ tone3 (Review Copy)
Shape – Custom

Oh, and if you’ve read this far.. Here is another lovely picture 🙂



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