Sissy goes Silky… A new collection from Baiastice.

BaiasticeI’m here to tell you that the lovely Sissy Pessoa has done it again.  At the top of my list in anticipation for designer’s new releases is Sissy’s collections at Baiastice.  She continues to amaze me with her fabulous style, wonderful textures, and amazing ingenuity.  Today I am showing you 3 of the colors from her new design – the Silk Charmeuse Dress. 

Months ago I had the amazing opportunity to interview Sissy for an up and coming fashion magazine.  Unfortunately, that magazine never took off and the interview was never able to be printed.  But I did save it.  I want to share parts of it with my readers now.  Some content has been removed due to time sensitive material, but it’s still a great chance to learn a little more about Sissy and her amazing label – Baiastice.

Interview with Sissy Pessoa:

First of all, it is an honor to interview you.  I absolutely love your fashions, and the new Fall collection is fabulous.

When you started in SL, did you know you would be a fashion designer?
 -After a little period of Second Life exploration, I understood very soon that this is my destiny here to design fashion.

What was the first piece you created?
-The first thing was a simple top in pailletes, short and without sleeves.

Any favorite designers that inspire you?  (SL or RL)
 -I love many designers and many styles.  Much depends about the collections, for example I love Armani classic style, Gaultier and Vivienne Westwood for innovations but in this time my favorite is Galliano.

Casual or Formal?  What is your favorite to design?  
 -My favorite is Formal but not always; for winter I made many outfits casual that I like.
Casual or Formal?  What is your favorite to wear?
 – That all depends, I love formal but only in very formal occasions.

The fashion industry in SL is so competitive.  What do you think keeps you on top?
 -For me each new collection has a different inspiration.  When I design a new collection I start from the beginning, everything is new not only the concept but also textures, sculpties and accessories. On release day everyone is sure to find a complete new collection, not just retextured items. Also many of my customers appreciate the variety of different styles, from 80’s to formal … from funky to couture.

What do you enjoy most about creating clothing in SL?
 -I create clothing as a way to express my creativity and I enjoy every single part of the creation process …from the very first inspiration moment to the final moment when I place it in the store and recieve the feedback of the customers.

What is your personal style?
-Anything black and simple lol

Your favorite quote?
 -“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” Coco Chanel


Style Notes:

Dress /Gloves- Baiastice – Silk Charmeuse Dress (shown in White, Grey, and Pearl)

Hair – Lelutka – SAMARA Hair – (shown in Caramel Brown, Chestnut Brown, & Coffee Brown)

Skin – MMS – Gift Skin (no longer available)

Eyes – Wasabi Pills – Friday Eyes (Opal)


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