Goodbye SUL. Hello MVW Girls




Myself and 6 other Miss Virtual World 2010 Finalists all decided to have an impromptu meet and greet of fun and dance at Seven Ultra Lounge during their last weekend.  It’s very sad to see this place go 😦  But, I can already tell I am going to have so much fun with these ladies, some of the most beautiful and stylish girls on the grid.  We had a blast, and I’m pretty sure the girls partied all night even though I went to bed quite a bit earlier than the rest.  Here’s the outfit that I wore and all pictures were taken at Seven Ultra Lounge.

Style Notes:

Dress: *Donna Flora* – Sandra

Sweater: []::Tuli::[] Cable knit cropped vest GREY

Leggings: M * A * ii * K * I Sculpt Legging Pieces (from Strapless and Patent outfit)

Belt: M * A * ii * K * I High Waisted Belt *Patent Black* (from Strapless and Patent outfit)

Shoes: Stiletto Moody – Pump (Grey Patent)

Necklace: ZC : kaya onyx necklace *silver*

Earrings: LaGyo – Noir desire – Sacre coeur earrings

Hair: [LeLutka]-CHRISTEN Hair – Coffee Brown

Eyes: SilhouetteEyes: Agate

Skin: [the oBscene] CiEL-Diamond-BASE


Fierce Sugar… The Finalist!





I just couldn’t resist blogging this look any longer.   I am a Miss Virtual World 2010 Finalist and this is the outfit I wore for the audition.  I love this look so much and I just can’t describe the excitement I’ve had these last weeks knowing that I’m a finalist.  I’m so honored to be able to work with some of the most beautiful, talented ladies in all of SLand.  I also want to say how thankful I am to all of my friends that helped encourage me, offered up all the advice they could, graciously tp’d me when I needed a last minute second opinion, and one great friend that even made me a custom piece of jewelry.  And last but not least a HUGE Thank You to Roxe Brimmer for volunteering her photographic skills for this post.

Without further ado:  The Style Notes for my favorite outfit of all time 🙂


Undershirt Layer: ..::DARE HAUTE COUTURE.::.. Golden Bikini Top

Top: [LeLutka] -MARIA dress/BLACK_twostraps prim top

Pants/Skirt: @KoKo@ – Melodia

Belt: [CHANTKARE] BLACK BREEZE Self tie belt

Hair/Headband: *W&Y  Hair Fair 1*TYPE*A  (purchased at Hair Fair)

Ring: LaGyo– Famous Lady Ring black

Earrings: LaGyo– Roses black earrings (Only available in white)

Shoes: Stiletto Moody – Gold StudSides Pump

Tights: *Sheer* Tights -Nylon Black

Eyes: Silhouette Eyes: Sapphire

Skin: [the oBscene] REINA ~ Dierdre ~ tone1

SugarKane goes to the Club!




An entirely different look for me, you all know how I just love playing around with me looks.  Lots of new goodies in this outfit!  First off the hair.  Glorious newness from Vanity Hair by Tabata Jewell.  I love Vanity Hair.  Tabata has an amazing gift for capturing movement in her hair, and I’m never dissapointed.  Vanity Hair definately makes heads turn towards you.  I experimented with a much different and darker skin tone because I am still just obsessed with these new Chaisuki skins.  Beautiful!   These lovely poses are not yet released, and are part of  a project that my very favorite pose designer is working on.  I’ll be showing you more of these and letting you in on who made them as these are developed. 🙂

Shirt: {SMS} Pattern Suit Seagreen

Necklace: Alienbear –   “LOVE-LOVE-LOVE” gold necklace chain

Belt: M * A * ii * K * I  High Waisted Belt *Patent Black*

Shorts: Emery – High Waisted Short (from Umma Outfit)

Socks: :bijou: Lux Socks[Black] (from Lux outfit)

Shoes: Maitreya  – Slinky Stilettos – Patent Black (black) Steel

Hair: Vanity Hair –  Vanity soil (browns pack)

Eyes: Silhouette Eyes: Emerald (gemstone pack)

Skin: ***Chaisuki*** –  elaine satin-taupe mocha (review copy)

Sugar by the Sunset


I swore earlier this week I would buy no more swimsuits, but I haphazardly ran into a new store I had not yet seen –  Euphoria, and found myself making a purchase (And of course, it was of a swimsuit)  What can I say, I’m just a sucker for polka dots.  I really fell in love with this 50s inspired style.  Check out that full bottom around my bottom 😉  And, in case you haven’t noticed…I have fallen in love with a new skin line from Chaisuki.  Just beautiful shading.


Swimsuit: [Euphoria] Summer Splash Black

Hat: [LeLutka]-AUDREY hat/black

Sunglasses: FNKY! LadyBug Glasses (Black)

Hair: MMS(Now Lelutka) -MessyHair – LBrown

Skin: ***Chaisuki*** elaine desert-bloom medium (Review Copy)

Back to Work!




My vacation is officially over today in RL, and my move is complete in SL.  So, it’s back to work in both of my worlds.  I chose a style today that reflects my RL style almost exactly (except thrown in some Mary Janes in place of the Stilettos)  Yes, this is how you see me dressed for work in RL 🙂 

Jacket: (P-K) – Military Denim Jacket (Store Closed)

Shirt: Last Call – Compliquee Layered Knit Tank (Store Closed)

Scarf: Miel – Thin Scarf (Coal)

Jeans: [LeLutka]-MISCHA jeans (blue dark)

Shoes: Maitreya – Slinky Stilettos (Patent Black)

Bracelet: Bonita’s Jewelry – Great-Grandma’s  7 Pearl Bracelets Together (Midnight)

Hat/Hair: (Posh) – Jenny takes over the business (Umber)

Eyes: [ Bingo ] Sweet Eyes (NavyxGreen)

Skin: ***Chaisuki*** elaine why-colors tan

Site Changes – Calling All Photographers!


With the closing of Fashionphiles, I have decided to add some of the feature posts that I wrote on that site to this site as well.  And, after an experiment this week, I’ve decided to do something completely different than any other blog that I know of.

So, from here on out you can see the following pieces on GumboGlam.

1. Who Designed it Better/Who Wore it Better – For those that didn’t read these.  Who designed it better was when I took 2 designers similar designs and opened a vote of which was best.  Who Wore it Better was the same concept of open vote but it was myself and Lourdes accessorizing the heck out of the same outfit.  Both featured blogs were super fun to write and participate in and I don’t want to lose them.

2. The Countdown – I haven’t forgotten about my countdown of favorite things.  I have 5 left to write.  These have been very popular, and I will make it all the way to my #1 favorite thing in SL

3. Guest Photographers *New* – I experimented this week with Guest Photographers, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.  So, I’m opening the opportunity for any SL photographer with interest.  I’ve long felt that the fashion industry is so much more than just the clothing, and the photography plays a HUGE part.  What I’m doing is allowing a photographer to shoot my style of the day, edit to their photographic preference, and then I use those pictures for this blog.  The photographer gets exposure on Gumbo Glam, The Fashion Feeds, Flickr, & Plurk.  It’s a greatchance to build your portfolio and clients.  This is not just open for established photographers, I want to give upcoming photographers a chance to show off their talent.  If you are interested, please leave a comment or IM me in world.  

That’s all for now!  I hope that ya’ll are excited about the additions and help participate with much enjoyment 🙂

Style Notes:

Dress : Miamai –- Segreto Darkness (Review Copy/Not Released Yet)

Necklace: *Deb* Triple Strand – Black Pearls

Earrings: Chloe – Black Drop Earring

Hair: MMShair (Now [LeLutka]) -HERA – Jet

Eyelashes: *TSM* LUSH LASH-BLACK (Blogger Gift)

Eyes: Silhouette Eyes: Onyx

Skin: [the oBscene] – REINA ~ Jarka ~ tone1 (Review Copy/Not Released Yet)

You can call me Oscar…




Meghindo has done it again.  This is the most beautiful dress.  It comes with 3 skirt options, and I have opted for the super big super princess one.  Just look at how it moves in the poses!  (Well, I tried to capture the emotion)  Simply beautiful.  

Style Notes:

Dress: {Meghindo’s} Oscar Gown

Hair : (Posh) – Elle Loves Bows – Soil

Hair Flower: *FUEL* Flowery peacock (Free from Hair Fair)

Necklace: ::Twisted & Spoiled:: Pearl Choker (Jewelry Expo)

Eyelashes: *TSM* LUSH LASH-BLACK (Blogger Gift)

Eyes: Silhouette Eyes: Onyx

Skin: [the oBscene] – REINA ~ Jarka ~ tone1

A Haute Thursday





First of all, I would like to introduce you to my guest photographer for today Miss Klet Glas.  She did some amazing work didn’t she?  Just simply beautiful.  Thank You so much Klet!

I have so many mixed emotions about the ensemble I’ve put together for all my readers today.  Most of the items are review copies, so my first emotions are grateful and thankful.  But, I have included some pieces from the soon to be closed Crimson Shadow sim so there is some sadness attached as well.  However, I got the Crimson Shadow items for only 50L so that of course is happiness.  Without further statement of my emotions let the ensemble information begin.

It started with a top, well actually a dress to be exact.  Thora was kind enough to send me over some review copies, and one of those items was the new Lelutka QI Dress in deep pink.  The dress is fabulous, but everyone knows I can never wear something “off the rack.”  And now we come to the skirt. Monica sent me some wonderful pieces from her Miamai Fashion Creations.  This is from the Vanita Black Gown and it is beautiful.  145 prims!  Amazing job, it’s just simply beautiful.  (You’ll be seeing more designs of hers from me in upcoming blogs.)  The hair was a gift from amazing designer Jeanie Valois of Posh and it is Elle Loves Bows in Charcoal.  Just adorable and amazing, like all of her hair.  And, of course, in following with nearly all of my previous blogs I am wearing a skin from the oBscene by the outstandingly talented Kuja Akina.  This skin is Braelyn – Beda in Tone 2 and should be available for purchase very soon.  Oh, and can you believe I don’t have to talk about shoes???

Complete Style Notes:

Top : [LeLutka]-QI dress (Shown in Deep Pink) (Review Copy)

Skirt: Miamai – Vanita Black Gown

Gloves: Mimikri – Gloves/Black

Neck/Collar: =Bird Prelude= Black Neck collar (found at Crimson Shadow)

Bracelet: *Rezzable* Feathered Wristband (found at Crimson Shadow)

Hair: (Posh) – Elle Loves Bows – Charcoal (Review Copy)

Eyelashes: *TSM* LUSH LASH-BLACK (Blogger Gift)

Eyes: Silhouette Eyes: Onyx

Skin: [the oBscene] BRAELYN ~ Beda ~ tone2 (Review Copy)

To The Nines…

SugarKane1- bright

I was perusing on Plurk when I saw something from Barbara Nicholls that caught my eye.   A model search at Leezu.  Hooray!  Being a long time fan of LeeZu! (I actually started out loving the designs when it was Leezu Baxter Designs and I must say it is the textures I fell in love with.)  Pure Yumminess!  So, since it was LeeZu! (which I love) and there are rarely model openings, I became extremely excited and proceeded to piece an outfit together with some of my LeeZu/LBD pieces.  As I saw the entire outfit coming together, I thought to myself. “I’m going to have to blog this.” (Which is of course, what I am doing right now)  

My fun adventure of a story doesn’t end there.  As many of you know I just completed a RL move and I am still “borrowing” my neighbor’s internet access.  (Some of you could say it’s stealing… but I just think that is quite rude of you to say.. It’s “Borrowing”  (Mainly because I’m doing it politely))  ::wink::  Due to the aformentioned borrowing of the internet, SL has been a monster unleashing lag on me and every snapshot taken results in a “Not Responding” message.  So I visited the dear ole’ Best of SL Readers chat room and asked for help.   That’s where the wonderful and talented Roxe Brimmer offered to help me by joining me on the To The Nines SIM and photographing me… And that is why these are the most beautiful pictures you’ve ever seen on this blog.  Don’t believe me?  Just keep looking!




Style Notes:
Jacket/Collar – LBD La pequena chaqueta BW
2nd Collar – LBD London Collar /black
Shirt/Skirt/Cuffs – LeeZu! Revolution Pan
Pants – LeeZu Brit Pants
Boots – Detour Mistress Boots
Hair – ::MC:: hair bomber wild2female f_typeA
Eyes – /Wasabi Pills/ Friday Eyes – Opal
Skin – [the oBscene] CHAVONNE ~ Rachael ~ tone3 (Review Copy)
Shape – Custom

Oh, and if you’ve read this far.. Here is another lovely picture 🙂


Sissy goes Silky… A new collection from Baiastice.

BaiasticeI’m here to tell you that the lovely Sissy Pessoa has done it again.  At the top of my list in anticipation for designer’s new releases is Sissy’s collections at Baiastice.  She continues to amaze me with her fabulous style, wonderful textures, and amazing ingenuity.  Today I am showing you 3 of the colors from her new design – the Silk Charmeuse Dress. 

Months ago I had the amazing opportunity to interview Sissy for an up and coming fashion magazine.  Unfortunately, that magazine never took off and the interview was never able to be printed.  But I did save it.  I want to share parts of it with my readers now.  Some content has been removed due to time sensitive material, but it’s still a great chance to learn a little more about Sissy and her amazing label – Baiastice.

Interview with Sissy Pessoa:

First of all, it is an honor to interview you.  I absolutely love your fashions, and the new Fall collection is fabulous.

When you started in SL, did you know you would be a fashion designer?
 -After a little period of Second Life exploration, I understood very soon that this is my destiny here to design fashion.

What was the first piece you created?
-The first thing was a simple top in pailletes, short and without sleeves.

Any favorite designers that inspire you?  (SL or RL)
 -I love many designers and many styles.  Much depends about the collections, for example I love Armani classic style, Gaultier and Vivienne Westwood for innovations but in this time my favorite is Galliano.

Casual or Formal?  What is your favorite to design?  
 -My favorite is Formal but not always; for winter I made many outfits casual that I like.
Casual or Formal?  What is your favorite to wear?
 – That all depends, I love formal but only in very formal occasions.

The fashion industry in SL is so competitive.  What do you think keeps you on top?
 -For me each new collection has a different inspiration.  When I design a new collection I start from the beginning, everything is new not only the concept but also textures, sculpties and accessories. On release day everyone is sure to find a complete new collection, not just retextured items. Also many of my customers appreciate the variety of different styles, from 80’s to formal … from funky to couture.

What do you enjoy most about creating clothing in SL?
 -I create clothing as a way to express my creativity and I enjoy every single part of the creation process …from the very first inspiration moment to the final moment when I place it in the store and recieve the feedback of the customers.

What is your personal style?
-Anything black and simple lol

Your favorite quote?
 -“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” Coco Chanel


Style Notes:

Dress /Gloves- Baiastice – Silk Charmeuse Dress (shown in White, Grey, and Pearl)

Hair – Lelutka – SAMARA Hair – (shown in Caramel Brown, Chestnut Brown, & Coffee Brown)

Skin – MMS – Gift Skin (no longer available)

Eyes – Wasabi Pills – Friday Eyes (Opal)