Nothing [oBscene] about it !

Obscene - Aja

Obscene - Braelyn

Obscene - Chavonne

Obscene - Kalista

Obscene - Raina

This little blogger went to Hair Fair,

this little blogger bought it all.

This little blogger received [the oBscene] skins,

and now hair doesn’t matter at all.

I cannot express how excited I was when I received the new skins from Kuja Akina.  I actually received these a few days ago.. and have been waiting rather impatiently to post all the hair fair blogs so I could finally post about my favorite skins in the world.

Kuja has an amazing ability to create so many different personalities within her skins.  Yes, I said personality within skin.  If you don’t believe that statement, then look at the pictures above.  I can transform into everything from shy and demure, glamourous, wicked, au natural, posh, and even a little bit of crazy.  

I always feel when I wear these skins, I truly set myself apart from everyone else in SL.  In a world of all beautiful people, sometimes it’s really nice to stand out in a crowd.  And, speaking 100% truthfully.. it’s always good fun to make some heads turn 🙂 

As amazing as all these skins are, Kuja has even gone a step farther by creating a wet skin.  Although, I have not shown them here, I must say they are perfect for all those photo shoots in your sexiest bikini by the beach.

Skins – [the oBscene]  (review copies)

Hair – (Posh) – Kelly After Sex – Onyx



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