Hair Fair 2009 – (And now for something completely different)

Hair Fairi - Wasabi Pills

Hair Fair - Curio ObscuraHair Fair - Tea LaneHair Fair - Hype

Hair Fair - Bish WearHair FAir - Calico Ingmann Creations


First of all, I must ask. ” Who caught my Monty Python reference?”  (Kudos to you if you did)

I wanted to go into my second day of blogging about the hair fair by showing off some different styles.  Some are different in just their individuality and some are just different to me(because it’s not normally my style)  But, I love all these hairs (and their designers) for different reasons.

Here are my favorite things about them:

Wasabi Pills – My favorite thing?  The fact that the men’s hair looks just as good on the women as well!  The Ailith Hair is my favorite.  These are pigtails done dirty.  (And that is a fabulous thing)  Throw on a little smeared mascara and you’ve got the perfect “Oh damn, what have I gotten myself into look.”

Curio Obscura – Who needs a big personality, when you can just have big hair?  In my opinion these are the most unique hairs you can find.  Big, Bold and Beautiful.  If you want to turn heads, then this is the hair for you.  Or just wear the “Let them eat cake off of your head” style and go about screaming “Off with their heads!”

Tea Lane – Giddy Up!  Who doesn’t love a good cowboy hat?  The Evangeline style really makes me want to go back to my home on the range.

Hype – Perfect name for a hair that is just so cool.  I love the look.  It says “Sure, I’m casual and I let my hair down.  But that doesn’t make me any less of a rockstar.” 

BishWear – Repeat my quote about Hype but add that I have always loved Bish curls.  Call me crazy, but the Billie hair reminds me of Cher in the 80s.  (You know which video I’m talking about)

Calico Ingmann – Calico has such a collection of styles it’s hard to choose a favorite.  But, I love the Talon hair.  And I love it even more in the Dark Blood red color. Noone will mess with me as long as I’m wearing this hair.  Yes, it says I’m a badass.  And it also says.  I can show off my earrings while I’m being a badass.

Where to buy :  (Special Thanks to Sequoia Nightfire and Sasy Scarborough for the ease of SLURLs)

Wasabi Pills

Curio Obscura

Tea Lane



Calico Ingmann

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