My 6 Favorite Posers

Favorite Posers1


When one makes a habit of blogging as much as possible, their inventory of poses tends to go through the roof.  Now, I will admit that I don’t think I have nearly as many as some bloggers and fashionistas on the grid.  But, when my pose stand of favorites has nearly 300 poses.  I think I can say that I’m a full fledged poser.  

I wanted to continue my countdown by doing something a little different and naming my favorite posers (pose makers).  My favorite countdown is about fashion, and without our poses we would never get to show off our fashions.   Narrowing my favs down to 6 was REALLY hard.  I can’t describe how hard it was.  And I know that there are some amazing, talented pose designers out there that I’m not mentioning and I have used their poses and been extremely pleased.  But, I could only choose 6.  Here is how I choose my 6 favorites.  1 – How many poses I actually had from the designer.  The more I had the closer they got to the top.  (Obviously, if I keep going back to buy more and more I really like them) and 2 – Ingenuity- Those poses that hopefully make us stop and stare.  The poses that aren’t just a stand but the onees that show a brief moment in time that seems captured still.

I want to say thank you for all the poses that are provided to us by all the amazingly talented designers.  I try to give credit to ya’ll when I can (but I do know that I am lacking in giving credit)  I do promise to start doing a much better job because ya’ll are amazing and truly deserve all the credit and thanks that you can get.

Poses Shown –

Pic 1 -(Left to Right )

Chance Greatrex – DareRobert Longo #5

Toko Voom – *V* PosesGlue #7

Evangeline Cortes – Lost AngelShowgirl #6

Pic 2 (Left to Right)

Yuuka Hirons – Lotta – Model 139

Larcoco Mathy – C’est La Vie – Sitting Pose #7

Candle Swords – PretzelNot-So-Wild-Girls Night Out #2

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