What a Feeling!


Of all the women I look up to… none stand out quite as much as Alexandra (Alex) Owen.  Welder by day and dancer at Mawby’s by night.  Her dream is to be obtain a place at the Pittsburgh Conservatory of Dance and Repertory; and I must admit that her persistance and determination help force me to go after many of my own dreams.  From Ballerinas to Fashionistas, we all have dreams of being something great.  And I dare say that the true definition of strength is falling down and getting right back up to continue fighting for something you truly want.

To: Flashdance, the first movie I saw in the theatres as a child and a movie that continues to give me what a feeling each time I watch.

Style Credits:

Shirt – (Milk Motion) my loose tshirt

Shorts – League – Booty-Shorts~Spattered!

Socks – *UnTone Quilt* Mokomoko Socks charcoal

Shoes – Lassitude & EnnuiTraveller boots – black leather  (Feet Only)

Welding Mask- Junk ShopPart of 3 piece Welding Set

Hair – * Zero Style * Page (Dark Chocolate)

Eyes – booN tsubura eyes steelblue

Skin- Free SpeeritKimberly (Bleeding Mascara)

Background – Warehouse – outofobscurity via deviantart


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