8 Hairstyles I can’t live without…



I’m back to continuing my countdown of my absolute favorite things in SL.  To recap… I started with 10 summer dresses, featured 9 swimsuits, and now I am at 8 of my favorite hairstyles.  These are the hairstyles that no matter how much hair I buy I just can’t seem to take off and I just continue wearing them over and over again.  Some are popular, some aren’t that popular, and some are entirely too popular, but they are definately some of my favorite things 🙂

1st photo (from left to right)

1 – ArmidiSt Moritz (Shown in Paris Blonde) 

2- BijouBrooke (Shown in Black)

3 – FoamThe Drifter (Shown in Brown)

2nd Photo (from left to right)

4 – Detour Rawr (Shown in Blonde Mix)

5 – Lamb Breeze (Shown in Ink)

3rd Photo (from left to right)

6 – Shop Seu – Pompadour (Shown in Blonde)

7 – Red QueenCrush (Shown in Blonde)

8 – Vintage WearThe Extrovert (Shown in Blonde)


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