A Truly Formal Affair

Snapshot_001 copyMasquerade Invite 3When a friend of mine invited me to a Masquerade Ball happening last night, well.. of course I had no choice but to attend! 

How could I ever resist the opportunity to dress to the nines and dance in stilettos all night long.  To all those that missed it, it was a fabulous event filled with wonderful people and great friends. 

A huge thanks to Sissy Pessoa of Baiastice for providing all of us with some of the best masks I have seen. 

Snapshot _ The Cove, Laguna Beach Cove (145, 35, 27)

This fabulous picture was taken by the never lady in a crowd, Marleen Vaughan, and post edited by myself.  Actually, I must say Marly is the only person I know that can be vulgar and be graceful at the same time.  I love here and I love the energy she captured in this picture.  I feel as if we’re walking like egyptians.  Marly wore vintage Last Call, a fabulous choice.


Snapshot_002 copy

And, now on to the details of my outfit.  I wanted to be sure to stand out in the crowd and decided to mix and match some fabulous pieces of dresses to truly be unique.  I must say that I did not see a single instance of a repeat outfit offender. 

Dress Bodice: LelutkaMaria Dress (Jacket Layer) LapointeCouture Black Silk Dress (Lace Shirt Layer)

Dress Skirt: Lapointe Couture Black Silk Evening Dress

Dress Neckline/Feathers: Indyra OriginalsFeather Fringe (from Couture Collection Maltese Oyster Dress)Earrings:

Mask: BaiasticeNight Mask black (gift from event)

Skin: :GP: Sundust [Light] Vixen-Merlot 2

Hair: Laqroki – Biscuit – goldenblonde

Earrings: (creamshop)  – Glam earring

And.. for once, the shoes don’t matter because you can’t see them.

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