Avant Garde inspiration in a High Fashion SLife


I am really lumping Avant Garde into the idea that it is different, outside the box, and this outfit is inspired by an Avant Garde musician I know that always wears Tutus and Pink.  Ha!

Get ready, because this new opinion of mine may take you just a little by surprise.  Especially coming from little ol’ sweet me.

I’m tired of look of the day – talk about where you bought it (well actually, drool over the designer) blogs.  More and more I see every blog saying the same thing, showing the same designers, and wearing the exact same outfits. 

I know… that first quote is going to result in a massacre from the masses.  There are numerous bloggers out there that are original, fabulous, stylish, and amazing.  If you weren’t offended by my first paragraph, then you of course know that you are one of the stand out fashionistas.  I admire you, and read you daily!

When I first began blogging and for much of my blogging career I have been the very same writer as those I’ve begun to yawn over.  It’s with that thought, that I’ve decided to stop trying to blog what’s new and what’s hot in SL World and just blog what I truly love.  Sure some clothing will be a repeat of what has already been blogged, but I’m NOT going to worry about that.  I don’t want to be different, persay, just continue to write about what I truly believe to be phenomenal.  


Who knows, I may do a look of the day here or there.  I may write about a specific designer on some days.  But more than anything – I want to showcase Style and Talent.

I’m not normally the blogger that writes and writes about an outfit.  I guess I’ve just assumed that most scroll the pictures to see what they like, grab the designers name and TP over to buy it.  So, please excuse me since I’m sure those that read aren’t used to this style of writing from me.

Oh, and one more thing.  These aren’t tears of sadness, or joy, or happiness.  It’s just a fabulous skin that went with the style of the outfit. 🙂


Enough of my rambling.  Rambling is pointless.  I’ll probably be back to same ol’ me tomorrow.

Here are the fabulous designers I wore today :

Jacket : =DeLa*= Short Jacket “Bette” Pink

Dress: Polina Kaestner Corsetted Dress

Pantyhose:  *Sheer* Torn Tights Black

Shoes: BAX Coen Ankle Boot Black Patent

Necklace: ICoN Necklace (Silver)

Hair: PE Tamora – Jet Black

Hair Decor: Stitch by StitchHeadpiece from Peacocks Love Gown

Skin: * Kookie  Skins * Nika  – Tear red

Eyes: :: Genesis ::  Au Naturel Eyes (Grey)

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