Once Upon A Time (A Story of Marly)

Once Upon A Time in a small town called Pleasantville in the land of Polly Jean their lived a girl named Marleen Vaughan. Marleen was not what the townspeople had come to know her by, and in fact, everyone called her Marly.
Marly was a friendly girl. She was constantly surrounded by people who had come to love her. The ones that did know her and love her were always guaranted a wonderful time of laughs, sincerity, and compassion with a little sprinkle of vulgarity mixed in. Time with Marly was always a good time had by all.
But, this isn’t a story about how Marly was a great person, or great friend; in fact, this girl named Marly had a special talent. Marly’s talent made her famous in the world of Second.
Marly made the world beautiful by designing things for all the inhabitants to wear, and wear them proudly they did. Marly had so many love her designs that she opened a shop called Marly’s. From that day, all could come and enjoy her creativity and designs.
Marly was a lovely girl, but in fact like so many in the world was what some might call strange. ,To yours truly’s surprise, Marly would never allow compliments from her friends and loved ones about her amazing talents. And so, it was on one beautiful Sunday that someone named SugarKane set out to tell the story of Marly. I beautiful story of talent and friendship to last through the ages, and be told across the lands…
Picture of Marly (Stolen from her flickr without permission) 🙂
Look 1 –
Hat – Marly’s – The Sewing Circle Hat –
Hair – Detour – Bob III – Black
Look 2 –
Shirt – Marly’s – Sappho in Exile (Jupiter)
Hair – Maitreya – River II – Caramel
Look 3 –
Dress – Marly’s – The Kitter’s Meow (Grey)
Hair – ETD – Flapper (Dirty)
In Every Look:
Skin – :GP: Sundust [Light] Vixen-Merlot 1
Eyes – booN – tsubura eyes (steelblue)
Eyelashes – Cake – Bedroom Lashes

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