Start Your Engines!

I must admit, it’s feeling good to be back. It only took me about a day to get used to the lag all over again. Whew! I’ve had to catch up on alot of shopping, alot of new designers, and alot of gossip. Thanks to my wonderful girls in FashCon Cafe for catching me up on as much as they could in one day. I decided to feature a some new favorites with an old favorite, and while I was playing with opposites decided to make those use the colors of black and white. (Which of course made me think of a racing flag) Ladies and Gentleman- Start Your Engines! I am back in the blogging business!

First up – New hair, skin and eyes. The hair is from Lamb which is quite lucious, and the skin is Leona from Redgrave (mmm, delicious). I picked the eyes from Deviant Girl because they were called sugar and I couldn’t resist, but I now love them so much. They have beautiful coloring, and although they are much less realistic than what I normally choose, they are ravishing with the contrast of dark hair.

Next new feature – The bomber Jacet from Coco. Coco wasn’t really on the grid when I took my va-cay from SL, but I can see why it is now. Great Textures, Fit, and we know how I love my sculpted clothing attachments.

I layered the Coco Jacket over my black Armidi Jumpsuit and finished out the white with the Coco belt and Kensington boots from Tesla. These boots were also hot on the grid, but there is a reason why, I absolutely love them. And they are the only boots that influenced me to take off my Stiletto Moody Croc boots for a bit.
Sorry Ya’ll – I just don’t have that much left to say I simply have too much shopping to do!
Jacket – *COCO* BomberJacket(White)
Belt – *COCO* WideBelt (White)
Boots – -TESLA- Kensington *white* Boots
Bracelet – Shiny Things Glass chunk bracelet – b&w
Hair – !lamb Breeze – Ink
Eyes – Deviant Girl – Sugar Eyes
Skin – *REDGRAVE* 15b Pale Skin -Leona- / *smoky*

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