Choo Choo!

I see all the Christmas trees and snow surrounding us in SL, but I just can’t seem to get Fall/Autumn out of my mind. I live in the south, and we are not quite in winter yet. (Not that we ever are) So, you will not see me bundled up as a snow bunny just yet, even though I promise I have the inventory of winter clothing to delight you for months. 🙂

For today’s outfit, I was inspired by all the holiday travel. Travel by train has always intrigued me. Although, after watching the Sex and the City episode; I guess it’s not as glamorous as my imagination… Thankfully, I have SL to keep it a beautiful dream.
And now, the most important part of my train ride… The clothes!
There have been some great new releases lately. In this outfit I used new releases from LeeZu Baxter and the amazing, beautiful, comfortable boots from Stiletto Moody. I couldn’t go on any trip without my animals, so I am carrying my cat in the Z Bag from Zoobys. One of the most versatile unique bags in SL. I love it!
Shirt – Loui Pullover – Charcoal, LeeZu Baxter
Vest – Loui Jacket – Gray, LeeZu Baxter
Scarf – Joanie Scarf in Black, MichaMi
Pants – Ana Revamped Pants, ::Tuli::
Belt – Wide Belt Low Hipster – Crimson, League
Socks – Knit Tights – Black, Petit Ange
Shoes – Slouch Boot – Black, Stiletto Moody
Earrings – No. 103 Dark Earrings, Kraftika
Bag – The Z Bag, Zooby’s
Hair – Yuuya -Raven, Zero Style
Skin – Brooke med 15, Belleza
Eyes – Ocean Eyes, MMS
Eyelashes – Photoshoot II Lashes, MMS
Shape – Custom

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