Hello Ms. President!

My Fellow Residents:
We observe today not a victory of a person or a party, but a victory of fashion!
I thank all my opponents, for a race that was filled with spirit, and ended in true taste.
I am honored to stand before you in my DeLa best, and I swear this oath to everyone now:
I shall always provide you with only the best taste in fashion choices, I stand strong to guide you to only the wisest fashion choices. I will not be tempted by free clothing or offers to falsely guide you. Designers, Shoppers, Bloggers, we are all but one fashion community. All with one common goal: To dress our very best. For Pixels need not be draped in latex to show their true identity.
My newcomer residents, I address you solely now: I beg you resist the urge to make bad fashion choices, I will stand beside you and guide you to better choices if you so choose.
Just say no to the bling, and the sexual attachments. Rely on those that have experience before you. We shall show you the way.
My fellow fashionistas: I beckon you to join me in the fight to guide these newcomers in their fashion choices. It is with your help that we can make this a better, more fashionable world.
Outfit : Nicole Jacket & Shorts-Black, =DeLa*=
Stockings: Ebony Stockings, 1-800-Bettie’s
Shoes : Silver Studsides Pump, Stiletto Moody
Hair/Scarf: Davina-Blonde, ETD
Skin: Siren-Diamond-NAiDA, [the oBscene]
Eyes: Sweet Eyes NavyxGreen, [Bingo]
*All poses by Long Awkward Pose*

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