Playing Dress Up…

…while I lay sick in bed. Sorry, not much in the mood to write about it. But, my love for this outfit is just as strong as the others I blog.
Shirt – The silk collection-Gillian Pantsuit, [MG Fashion]
Muffler – Purple muffler, **DP** Yum Yum
Belt – Belly Belt Pant/Jacket Layer, LeeZu Baxter Designs
Pants – Gatsby Tweed Pants/Charcoal, *PBI*
Shoes – Black Croc Boot(foot only), Stiletto Moody
Earrings/Bracelet – Pure-Nikki, CCD
Purse – The Tasty Bag (noir), Paper Couture
Hair – Writer – Night, [Detour]
Eyes – Sweet Eyes NavyxGreen, [Bingo]
Skin – Megan A Light, [Rockberry]


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