On a slightly cool autumn day…

…I decided to explore nature a little and found myself in a beautiful cave. I dressed in layers and cuddled up so that the cool breeze in the air wouldn’t force me out of the lovely surroundings too soon. I bundled up in the Mary Ann Sweater from Skin Flicks. It’s just beautiful and warm and sculpted, oh how I love my sculpted clothing! I decided to dress it down with the Distressed Denim Skirt from Detour, but to make sure my legs stayed warm I wore the black argyle leggings from BP*. For my feet, I paired the new J’s 2 way Boots in beige with the mokomoko socks in green from *UnTone Quilt*. I stuffed all my must haves in the Horseshoe bag from Bare Rose. Let my hair down with MMS Messy Hair, and sported my new favorite eyes from [Bingo]. Last, but not least, I went with makeup in browns from [Rockberry].

Sweeater -Mary Ann Snowflake Sweater Beige, Skin Flicks

Skirt – Distressed Denim Mini Skirt, [Detour]
Leggings – Wool Tights/Argyle/Black01, BP*
Socks – Mokomoko socks/Green, *UnTone Quilt*
Shoes – 2 Way Short Boots/Beige, J’s
Purse – Lucky Horseshoe Green, Bare Rose Couture
Hair – Messy Hair – Hazel, MMS
Eyes – Sweet Eyes -NavyxGreen, [Bingo]
Lashes -Flutter Lashes, Cake
Skin -Kate A Natural, [Rockberry]

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