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Choo Choo!

I see all the Christmas trees and snow surrounding us in SL, but I just can’t seem to get Fall/Autumn out of my mind. I live in the south, and we are not quite in winter yet. (Not that we ever are) So, you will not see me bundled up as a snow bunny just yet, even though I promise I have the inventory of winter clothing to delight you for months. 🙂

For today’s outfit, I was inspired by all the holiday travel. Travel by train has always intrigued me. Although, after watching the Sex and the City episode; I guess it’s not as glamorous as my imagination… Thankfully, I have SL to keep it a beautiful dream.
And now, the most important part of my train ride… The clothes!
There have been some great new releases lately. In this outfit I used new releases from LeeZu Baxter and the amazing, beautiful, comfortable boots from Stiletto Moody. I couldn’t go on any trip without my animals, so I am carrying my cat in the Z Bag from Zoobys. One of the most versatile unique bags in SL. I love it!
Shirt – Loui Pullover – Charcoal, LeeZu Baxter
Vest – Loui Jacket – Gray, LeeZu Baxter
Scarf – Joanie Scarf in Black, MichaMi
Pants – Ana Revamped Pants, ::Tuli::
Belt – Wide Belt Low Hipster – Crimson, League
Socks – Knit Tights – Black, Petit Ange
Shoes – Slouch Boot – Black, Stiletto Moody
Earrings – No. 103 Dark Earrings, Kraftika
Bag – The Z Bag, Zooby’s
Hair – Yuuya -Raven, Zero Style
Skin – Brooke med 15, Belleza
Eyes – Ocean Eyes, MMS
Eyelashes – Photoshoot II Lashes, MMS
Shape – Custom

Floating on bubbles of happiness!

After a fairly dramatic SL day, I decided to go to a happy place and float on some bubbles.
Of course I was wearing a super cute outfit, so I decided to take some pics.
I’m not going to say anything more, as IM arguments have worn me cute little fingers out for the day. One word ladies, don’t start romantic relationships with your friends.
Go shopping below! 🙂
Shirt – Tee Uva{You’re nobody till you’re talked about}, Emery
Jacket – Fur Coat (leopard), PureStyle
Jeans – Indigo Jeans, Zaara
Belt – Joanie Belt in Green (from outfit), MichaMi
Shoes – Pumps/Ankle Strap – Brown, FNKY
Purse – BAG, =E.M.A=
Hair – Mary Kate – goldblonde, MMS Hair
Skin – Ashley Pale Skin/smoky1, Redgrave
Eyes – Sweet Eyes BluexGreen, Bingo
Shape – Custom

One afternoon, taking a break from reading:

I am just adoring the cold front that recently came through my hometown. I’ve been bundled up by the fire reading all day. It’s inspired me to continue dressing in lots of layers in SL. I think I’ve decided to just continue wearing jackets throughout the summer in SL.. afterall, fashion is all about being different 🙂
Now I show off a little fun comfy and fashionable number. I took this look straight to the bookstore where I shot these pics. First off the bag, I thought this bag was perfect to carry my favorite book. It is the everyday tote by ETD. Hurry over and grab it while everything is on sale. You can’t beat the prices on the fatpacks right now. And the AO with the bag is amazing. All the shots I took were using the AO built in to the bag. It’s not my usual walk and stand, but I really do enjoy it. I kept extra warm in the plush winter jacket by Ibizarre which I found in their discount outlet store. Again, great price and this jacket is so well made. Everyone has been blogging the yeti jacket from Muism, but if that is out of your price range than the Ibizarre jacket is a perfect substitute. Shopping list follows below! 🙂
Jacket – Black Plush Winter Jacket, Ibizarre
Shirt – Trixie Tank – Rouge, Celestial Studios
Skirt – DNM Pants Skirt/Vintage, BP*
Leggings – sep2008 Wool Tights/Argyle/Black0, BP*
Shoes – Asuka Boots, League
Bag – Everyday Tote (Tan Weave), ETD
Necklace – Heartwood Necklace, Earthtones
Hair/Hat – Charley – Blonde, ETD
Eyes – Sweet Eyes BluexGreen, Bingo
Skin – Siren-Diamond-Naida, the oBscene
Shape – Envy, FORM

Vintage Sugar

I haven’t been blogging much the past week because I’ve just been so busy getting everything ready to open my new shop. I’m super excited and can’t wait! In the meantime. I’ve also been in photoshop alot and had a little fun with this so I wanted to share. Vintage Sugar. She’s always fashionable. 🙂

Sugar Sighting @DeLa Fashion Show!

While stumbling through fashion blogs I found this picture on the =DeLa*= blog.
Hooray it’s a Sugar Sighting and an introduction of a new segment on Gumbo Glam.
Feel free to pass on your pics of me at great fashionable places for my new piece Sugar Sighting Here’s hoping I show up in many more places. I should mention that Barbarella is an amazing model..

Cock-A-Doodle Do!

I have to admit, that one of my favorite all time shows was Arrested Development. I love the repeat chicken reference from Gob, and one of the best episodes is when the entire family makes their version of “acting like a chicken”.
Okay, so this outfit is Heron not Chicken. But it’s still feathers and it made me think about that.
Now to the fashion… I seriously can’t get enough of Paper Couture’s new line. I know it’s been blogged… A LOT… But, I still feel the need to express my love. It’s fab and if you don’t own most of it already, you should be like the rest of the fashion universe and go buy it. Come On! It’s fun to be like everyone else…(just as long as you do it in your own way)
Bolero -Big Bolero & Waspie Necklace, Baiastice (Ghost 82)
Dress – Night Heron, Paper Couture
Stockings – Tights 05 – Dots Black, Sheer
Shoes – Feather Heels – Black, Redgrave
Hair – Flapper – Espresso, ETD
Eyes – Sweet Eyes NavyxGreen, [Bingo]
Skin – Siren-Diamond-Naida, the oBscene

Hello Ms. President!

My Fellow Residents:
We observe today not a victory of a person or a party, but a victory of fashion!
I thank all my opponents, for a race that was filled with spirit, and ended in true taste.
I am honored to stand before you in my DeLa best, and I swear this oath to everyone now:
I shall always provide you with only the best taste in fashion choices, I stand strong to guide you to only the wisest fashion choices. I will not be tempted by free clothing or offers to falsely guide you. Designers, Shoppers, Bloggers, we are all but one fashion community. All with one common goal: To dress our very best. For Pixels need not be draped in latex to show their true identity.
My newcomer residents, I address you solely now: I beg you resist the urge to make bad fashion choices, I will stand beside you and guide you to better choices if you so choose.
Just say no to the bling, and the sexual attachments. Rely on those that have experience before you. We shall show you the way.
My fellow fashionistas: I beckon you to join me in the fight to guide these newcomers in their fashion choices. It is with your help that we can make this a better, more fashionable world.
Outfit : Nicole Jacket & Shorts-Black, =DeLa*=
Stockings: Ebony Stockings, 1-800-Bettie’s
Shoes : Silver Studsides Pump, Stiletto Moody
Hair/Scarf: Davina-Blonde, ETD
Skin: Siren-Diamond-NAiDA, [the oBscene]
Eyes: Sweet Eyes NavyxGreen, [Bingo]
*All poses by Long Awkward Pose*

Curious Girl

It’s not very often that I wear an outfit purely “off the rack.” But I saw the Gaya Girl outfit at Bijou and I have to say, it is coordinated perfectly. The yellow against the soft sea green and grey is beautiful. I also took the photos on the grand staircase at Bijou. I decided to stay as casual as possible and chose the Chunky Ribbon Boots from Shiny Things. Ladies, do invest in the HUD. You will have matching laces for every outfit under the sun, and even moon for that matter. Hair was only 30 Lindyloos at ETD’s sale. (going on until December 26th).

Outfit – Gaya Girl (Curious), Bijou
Shoes – Chunky Ribbon Boots w/ color changing hud, Shiny Things
Earrings – Twister Hoop Earrings, Ephemeral Jewelry Expo Gift
Hair – Mary-Black, ETD
Skin – Gen. 3-Light – Alice, Aden
Eyes – Hazel Eyes, Philotic Energy
Lashes – from Ghost 104, Pididdle
*all poses from Lost Angel*