Bananas over *AnnaH*

I went to the Kudos Fashion show on Sunday and Annah Whitfield dropped the cutest dresses on me. Luckily they were the dresses I was ooing and aahing about on the runway. First up I give you the Camila dress in Red. Sure it looks like a summer dress, but pair it with some leggings, boots and a scarf and you’ve got one hot autumn outfit. I especially love the bows in the back. I’m like a present, all wrapped up and ready to go!

Black, my favorite color ever is the color of the second dress I tried on. The Rita dress is a beautiful strapless floor length satin dress. This dress moves beautifully, and it’s so elegant with the gloves. Great shape, beautiful texture, and again I love the bow at the waist. I truly feel like a vintage vixen.
Last but not least is the Lilith dress in bronze. Who know casual could be so elegant? I especially love the skirt on this dress. The top is beautiful and detailed. And what is especially great is that I can take the skirt off and go swimming. That’s right. The top is actually a swimsuit. Ladies, I know summer is over. But in bronze I think this dress transitions well into autumn. Be daring and take a swim in the cold water.

Skin by Redgrave in all pics.
1st Pic : Hair by Maitreya, Dress by *AnnaH*
2nd Pic: Hair by Armidi, Dress by *AnnaH*
3rd Pic: Hair by Blooberry, Shoes by Maitreya, Dress by *AnnaH*

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