And then I was tiny…

Not necessarily fashion but I just had to blog about the cutest outfit ever! I have a friend that loves dressing up tiny from time to time and he has so much fun. I never have ventured into it… until now! There is a Tiny Clothing collection at HatPins and I feel so in love with this Sirenia dress and hat that I bought the outfit first before I even had an avatar. The textures are beautiful.. It looks like pure silk. My next stop was an avatar. I went to Wynx’s and decided on the tiny squirrel.
I once had a friend that thought squirrels were just rats with furry tails, but I don’t agree with her at all. They are adorable and I just love when they come visit me outside in my yard.
So.. here I am.. Tiny and TOO CUTE!

Avatar – Tiny Grey Squirrel, by Wynx Whiplash –

Outfit – Tiny Sirenia Bustle and Hat,


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