I wear my sunglasses at night…

Great… so now I’m totally singing that song in my head. I did wear my sunglasses at night as a kid, now I’m completely blind and can’t see anything. Go figure! Being cool has it’s consequences. And speaking of cool… man my ankles are killing me because I’m sporting the truly fabulous Stiletto Moody Stiletto Heels that are to die for! Ladies, it is worth the pain! These shoes are true works of art. They compliment my dress very nicely. Where did you get that dress Sugar? Oh so glad you asked! 50% of sale at Baiastice gave me this wonderful Geom Dress. I love the way it flows. I love the pattern. I love the price! I hide from the paparazzi, in my yummy bugeye glasses from H&V. I can’t take these glasses off. They are so big and glamorous and the kind of glasses I only wish I could pull off in RL with my tshirt and jeans. (I can’t, I’ve tried) 😉 But, I can pull off fabulous pearl necklaces in RL and SL (ladies get your heads out of the gutter)…I’m talking about the black pearl necklace from Paper Couture. Trust me, this ain’t your boyfriend’s pearl necklace. A girl needs her necessities, and I decided to carry them all in the luxe Freja bag in black from Bare Rose Haute Couture. I’ve mentioned their purses before, but I can’t stop telling you how great they are. Affordable and I can even fit in my kitchen sink. Don’t believe me? Invite me over to do your dishes! My wrist stays warm with the Turkish Delight Bangles from Fresh Baked Goods. (Mmmm.. Do I smell cookies?)
My great makeup came from Redgrave. Redgrave has some of the most luminous skins in SL.. Silky… Shiny… Smooth… (Ooo.. now I need a bubble bath… ) So I could show off my skin, and dress, and necklace, and glasses, and shoes… you get the point right?) I had to pull my hair back with the Shop Seu Pompadour Hair. Eyes not mentioned since you can’t see them 😉

Dress – Geom Dress, Baiastice
Shoes – Silver Studsides Pump (black), Stiletto Moody
Glasses – Bugeye Glasses, H&V
Necklace – Black Pearls, Paper Couture
Bracelet – Turkish Delight Metal Bangles Set w/Heart B&W, ~*FBG*~
Purse – Freja Black, Bare Rose Haute Couture
Skin – 05 Scarlett Pale Skin/*brown, *REDGRAVE*
Hair – Pompaudor Hair Black, *SHOP SEU*


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