Up against a Green Wall…and it’s a good thing!

First things first! Being a Texas girl, my thoughts go out to everyone in the Houston, Galveston, and surrounding areas. I have family I can’t reach and have been glued to the news. Stay strong and be kind to one another!!!

I put this outfit together really quick at Sari’s after I bought this tunic and wanted to share it with everyone. So quick.. I even took the pictures at Sari’s. How’s that for efficiency? 😉 One of the green fences was the perfect background.
This is such a comfy crossover outfit in between summer and fall. I’m not a huge fan of spring/summer colors like pastels and bright colors. So, I love the introduction of deep rich tones for the fall and winter. If you’re looking for purses.. I highly recommend BareRose! Their purses are found at Bare Rose Haute Couture, and there are lots of styles and colors all reasonably priced just like everything you find at BareRose. My shoes from J’s contain real toes. Which might sound kinda creepy, but for all of us who have suffered with open toe shoe fear in SL this is the perfect remedy. And my cute pedicured real toes have a toe ring to further accesorize.
Detour Hair and Rockberry Skins are my two favs, and I mention them often. Just pure fab!

Top – Thai Teak Tunic, Sari’s
Pants – tsunagi dark grey, Kurotsubaki
Purse – Evita Brown, BareRose
Shoes – Real Toe Gather Wedge Sandals Black, J’s
Bracelets – Hippie Delux Bracelet (black), Shiny Things
Hair – Hazy (night), Detour
Skin – Stage 4 Light Skin A, Rockberry

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