Food Drives are Hot!

This post is less about fashion and more about charity. My complete outfit was inspired when I volunteered at a food frive to help replenish the shelters that are currently caring for those affected by the devastation of Hurricane Ike. Yes, for those lucky enough to have homes left standing there are still homes without power, and I must tell you that while there was a “cold front” that came through it is still quite hot. I visited the New Orleans and Galveston SIMs in SL when taking the pictures of this outfit. Two places I hold dear in my heart which have suffered great tragedies in the past few years.

I urge all of you to help others during this time. Volunteer time or donate to an organization that helps those in need. Please remember the “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” motto. Remember that we are all one country, and we are also one world. We are each other’s neighbors and friends.

Jacket – Military Type Jacket – Khaki, Ce Cubic Effect
Shirt – Soup, *Fishy Strawberry*
Jeans – Woodstock Jeans – Skinny Fit, League
Boots – Military Boots – Forest, ::69::
Hair/Hat – Alex – Chestnut, Refuge
Skin – Megan A Light, [RockBerry]


We are all made of stars…

I have been forcing myself to workout lately so I decided that Sugar needed to as well. The first image that came to mind was Flashdance, one of my favorite movies of all time. I guess I’ll call this outfit 80s chic. I started with the super cute mini dress in black from CE Cubic Effect, it’s super short so I always see myself wearing leggings underneath. but I love sculpty clothing. I decided to cover up a little with the Mini Hood Jacket from Fishy Strawberry. I love this store, lots of super cute items and I even won an item from the lucky chair the moment I stepped foot in the store. My leggings from bijou have really cute stars on the thighs that match my star earrings from 69 perfectly. I finished off the outfit with the biggest bag in my inventory from Armidi Gisaci. (Ok I lie, I also have the pink flamingo bag from Royal Blue that is huge but I’m saving that for something else) The bomber tail hair from Shop Seu is some of the best 80s style hair I have seen in SL. And you can edit the textures on the hair tie balls so I can match any outfit you’re wearing. Good Stuff. I’m definately Pretty in Pink, and green, and black. πŸ™‚
Ok Ladies.. After all this working out… “I Want Candy!”

Jacket – Minihood Pink, *Fishy Strawberry*
Dress – Wrap Tank Mini Dress – Black, Ce Cubic Effect
Leggings – (part of Linda pink set), :bijou:
Legwarmers – (Part of Linda pink set), :bijou:
Shoes -Slinky Stilettos – Patent Black, Maitreya
Earrings – Open Star Earrings – black/pink, ::69::
Purse – Focsani Bag – Black, [Armidi Gisaci]
Hair – Bomber Tail Hair Black, *SHOP SEU*
Skin – French Kiss (virgin snow), Domestic V
Eyes – city Moss eyes, MMS
Lashes – Mascara Lashes, MMS

Happy Anniversary Mimi A*Go*Go!

A dear friend of mine, Mimisoleil Dagger, had a one year anniversary party at her Cyberpunk Store Mimi A*Go*Go. Rather than cyber punk I tried to go cyber chic in my own Sugar way. I loved the end result so much that I wanted to write about it. I went to The Abyss to take my photos, since the ruined city look was the perfect backdrop. The focal point of the outfit is the fabulous Lady Minx jacket from Mimikri. I stumbled into Mimikri by accident a few months ago and have loved this clothing ever since. Great textures, and I am a complete addict of good textures. Leezu Baxter Designs, another great designer, provided the bottoms. This is a complete jumpsuit style outfit that has both skirt and short with sculpted roll up options. I chose shorts because I knew I wouldn’t be dancing like much of a lady. The other super fab piece of this outfit are the Bax Coen Ankle Boots. It’s amazing I haven’t worn down the heels on these boots yet. I wear them too often… I know. The rest of my outfit is listed below:

Jacket – Lady Minx – Black, Mimikri
Shorts/Belt – Bo Leather Dress – violet, Leezu Baxter
Leggings – Fishnet Pants,Sn@tch
Shoes – Ankle Boots Black Patent, Bax Coen

Bracelet – Great Grandma’s 7 pearl bracelets – Black, Bonita’s Jewelry
Earrings – Plastic Earrings – Black, +Plus

Hair – Hera – Jet, MMS Hair
Skin – 07 Ashley Pale Skin/Smoky1, Redgrave
Eyes – city Moss Eyes, MMS

Being cubed is not the same as being square…

It’s late and this is a multiple *bonus* posting for today so I truly am going to keep this one minimal… Just like the colors I chose for this outfit… This outfit just says casual, cozy and warm.
Ce Cubic Effect really knows how to make clothing with sculpty parts and they did not disappoint me at all. The focal point of this outfit is probably the purse, which I love since I have played piano since I was a child. There are many more different patterns of this purse available at DP.

*editors note* Please excuse the sculpty sleeve missing from my right arm. I put on bracelets and didn’t notice it until just now. I’m just too tired to go through the photography, editing and uploading process again. Do please forgive me…

Top – Knit and Shirt waist (black), Ce Cubic Effect
Pants – Strict Jeans – medium – skinny, LF (Launa Fauna)
Legwarmers – Legwarmers (Black), Ce Cubic Effect
Shoes – Mistress Boots (black), Detour

Bag – Vinyl Tote Bag 05, **DP**
Bracelet – Sanity Jelly Bracelets (part of look 3), Wrong
Hair – Messy Hair – Autumn, MMS
Skin – Emma2 Pale Skin – Smoky1, Redgrave
Eyes – Celstial – G Eyes, OMFG

Hello Autumn!

Fall, or Autumn if you prefer is finally here and I am so excited to start bringing out the layered clothing. Cool mornings, and warm afternoons are my favorite weather!

While waiting near the lucky chair at Zaara, something I completely admit to because that peacock dress is fabulous, I stumbled across the amazing Mitali Top and Maitri Jacket. I love this layered look and the textures are amazing. The Jacket vest flows perfectly and I adore the sculpty sleeves that came with the top. The jeans I can’t seem to take off lately are from League. I am obsessed with these jeans so much I even added a little more booty (I enjoyed eating all the ice cream) πŸ˜‰
Maitreya, some of my favorite shoes in SL, made the fabulous Bloom boots that are perfect to go over leggings or skin tight pants. The super cute purse is the Gordie Print Bag from Armidi Gisaci. I chose orange bracelets from ELDee just for contrast and because orange just says autumn to me.
In my favorite hairs from Shop Seu is the sexy hair. It flows great! I went all natural with my skin and opted for little makeup with a Gen. 3 skin from Aden. And I tried out some new eyes from OMFG which, yes I like!
Shirt – Mitali Top *olive*, Zaara
Vest – Maitri Jacket *black*, Zaara
Pants – Woodstock Jeans-Skinny Fit, League
Scarf – Le Stripey Scarf, *PBI*
Shoes – Bloom Boots (black), Maitreya
Bag – Gordie Print Bag – French Feather, [Armidi Gisaci]
Bracelet – Line bangles (orange), ::eLDee::
Hair – sexy hair [purble brown], *SHOP SEU*
Skin – Gen. 3 – Light – Alice, [Aden]
Eyes – Celestial – G, [OMFG]

Tardy for Class. Guess I should get detention.

I don’t believe it!!! I just found a blog I entered the photo and information for and never posted. This was supposed to be my take on back to school cool. But… now I’m so mad I’m not in the mood to write. I knew it needed to be posted before the winter holiday so here ya go… Short and Sweet.
Shirt – Miss Naughty (Jacket Layer), Reservoir
Pants – Capri – Graphite Pants (Part of Digit’all Tracks-Graphite outfit), Digit Darkes
Socks – Mina’s Leggings (orange) , -corduroy-
Shoes – Hi-Tops MultiColor, Pornstar
Belts – Checkers Belt, Artilleri
Bracelets – Luly7 (rainbow) bracelet, Artilleri
Bag – Art Crime Bag, Gritty Kitty
Hair – Jade-Caramel (Browns Pack), Maitreya (Hair Fair)
Skin-Stage 4 C light Dark Brows, Rockberry
Eyes- Celestial – B Eyes, OMFG

I wear my sunglasses at night…

Great… so now I’m totally singing that song in my head. I did wear my sunglasses at night as a kid, now I’m completely blind and can’t see anything. Go figure! Being cool has it’s consequences. And speaking of cool… man my ankles are killing me because I’m sporting the truly fabulous Stiletto Moody Stiletto Heels that are to die for! Ladies, it is worth the pain! These shoes are true works of art. They compliment my dress very nicely. Where did you get that dress Sugar? Oh so glad you asked! 50% of sale at Baiastice gave me this wonderful Geom Dress. I love the way it flows. I love the pattern. I love the price! I hide from the paparazzi, in my yummy bugeye glasses from H&V. I can’t take these glasses off. They are so big and glamorous and the kind of glasses I only wish I could pull off in RL with my tshirt and jeans. (I can’t, I’ve tried) πŸ˜‰ But, I can pull off fabulous pearl necklaces in RL and SL (ladies get your heads out of the gutter)…I’m talking about the black pearl necklace from Paper Couture. Trust me, this ain’t your boyfriend’s pearl necklace. A girl needs her necessities, and I decided to carry them all in the luxe Freja bag in black from Bare Rose Haute Couture. I’ve mentioned their purses before, but I can’t stop telling you how great they are. Affordable and I can even fit in my kitchen sink. Don’t believe me? Invite me over to do your dishes! My wrist stays warm with the Turkish Delight Bangles from Fresh Baked Goods. (Mmmm.. Do I smell cookies?)
My great makeup came from Redgrave. Redgrave has some of the most luminous skins in SL.. Silky… Shiny… Smooth… (Ooo.. now I need a bubble bath… ) So I could show off my skin, and dress, and necklace, and glasses, and shoes… you get the point right?) I had to pull my hair back with the Shop Seu Pompadour Hair. Eyes not mentioned since you can’t see them πŸ˜‰

Dress – Geom Dress, Baiastice
Shoes – Silver Studsides Pump (black), Stiletto Moody
Glasses – Bugeye Glasses, H&V
Necklace – Black Pearls, Paper Couture
Bracelet – Turkish Delight Metal Bangles Set w/Heart B&W, ~*FBG*~
Purse – Freja Black, Bare Rose Haute Couture
Skin – 05 Scarlett Pale Skin/*brown, *REDGRAVE*
Hair – Pompaudor Hair Black, *SHOP SEU*

Up against a Green Wall…and it’s a good thing!

First things first! Being a Texas girl, my thoughts go out to everyone in the Houston, Galveston, and surrounding areas. I have family I can’t reach and have been glued to the news. Stay strong and be kind to one another!!!

I put this outfit together really quick at Sari’s after I bought this tunic and wanted to share it with everyone. So quick.. I even took the pictures at Sari’s. How’s that for efficiency? πŸ˜‰ One of the green fences was the perfect background.
This is such a comfy crossover outfit in between summer and fall. I’m not a huge fan of spring/summer colors like pastels and bright colors. So, I love the introduction of deep rich tones for the fall and winter. If you’re looking for purses.. I highly recommend BareRose! Their purses are found at Bare Rose Haute Couture, and there are lots of styles and colors all reasonably priced just like everything you find at BareRose. My shoes from J’s contain real toes. Which might sound kinda creepy, but for all of us who have suffered with open toe shoe fear in SL this is the perfect remedy. And my cute pedicured real toes have a toe ring to further accesorize.
Detour Hair and Rockberry Skins are my two favs, and I mention them often. Just pure fab!

Top – Thai Teak Tunic, Sari’s
Pants – tsunagi dark grey, Kurotsubaki
Purse – Evita Brown, BareRose
Shoes – Real Toe Gather Wedge Sandals Black, J’s
Bracelets – Hippie Delux Bracelet (black), Shiny Things
Hair – Hazy (night), Detour
Skin – Stage 4 Light Skin A, Rockberry

Je T’aime Tres Jolie!

I walked into Tres Jolie and sashayed out a new woman! Ladies, this shopping experience is top notch and truly the definition of high fashion. lota Ultsch takes care of her customers like the VIPs we know we all are. She helped me adjust all my clothing perfectly and even recommended the perfect pair of shoes from Maitreya to go with my new outfit. For the first time while fashion shopping in SL everyone in the store was talking and joking and it was so great and positive! I am in love with lota and Tres Jolie!
Le Sine en Aubergine is a lovely deep, rich shade of purple or eggplant if you will. And when I walk, my bow and skirt attachment gently glide in the wind. Oh.. it’s so lucscious I truly am running out of words. Just go and shop at Tres Jolie it’s a must and your clothing collection is lost without some of her pieces which are true works of art!
I wanted to keep all my attachments to a minimum so I stuck with my Monroe piercing (a freebie from Hair Fair) which I haven’t been able to take off and a bracelet and earrings from Shiny Things.

Outfit – Le Singe en Aubergine, Tres Jolie
Shoes – Slinky Stilettos – Grape, Maitreya
Skin – Ginger-Cassandra, LF Chai
Hair – Hera – Jet Black, MMShair
Lashes – Classic 3, Celestial Studios
Eyes – Hazled Fog, Freak Fantasia
Piercing – Monroe, Tousled (Hair Fair Freebie)
Earrings – Glass Chunk Earrings (B&W), Shiny Things
Bracelet – Glass Chunk Bracelet (B&W), Shiny Things