Best in Black.. Sugar Style!

One of the clubs a friend works at had a Best in Black event, and I decided to forget the usual club gear and truly have fun with it, being a little naughty of course. The top and skirt from Digit Darkes have been in my inventory for a long time, and yet I never seem to wear them. I found these cute heels by S. Olbers while shopping at Mimikri one day. And I take a breath before I “virtually” go on and on and on about Detour hair. I have quickly filled up my inventory with Detour hair. I can’t go on enough about how much I love it, it has quickly become my favorite hair in SL. I’m sure you’ll see me wearing many styles. Nora Skins had a skin sale…100 Lindyloos each… I stocked up! I finally found a skin with black lipstick that didn’t make me pale as a ghost. And the eyes came with a dark elf skin I purchased. For 100L who doesn’t need a dark elf skin?!?
Shirt – Liquid Latex Bra Top, Digit Darkes
Jacket – Dictator Shrug – Black, Digit Darkes
Skirt – Half Tulle Skirt (Couture Separates), Digit Darkes
Shoes – “Midnight” black, S.Olbers
Necklace – Black Pearls, Paper Couture
Hair – Rawr! – Blonde Mix, Detour
Eyes – Night Eyes, Nora Skins
Eyelashes – Drama Lashes, Detour
Skin – Nora Samantha – Ginger Black Panther, Nora Skins

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