Ribbons and Bows.. in the style of Rock.

I’m making this one very quick. I rebuilt ReVolt! and I’m trying to put everything in place today. I bought this tube top wanting a sexy shirt that was more rock and less cute. This Red Ruin top is it! I paired it with Kari jeans, which is a must have in your jeans collection. Great detail, and they’re super comfy. My Belt and Bracelet are from Mezzo, and so cute. I also got a leopard print version. I’ll wear soon I’m sure. And, this might be the best free skin in SL. Thanks to Launa Fauna for treating her LF Chai group members like royalty!!!

*shameless self promotion next line*

Hope to see you all at ReVolt! Music Lounge!!!

Shirt – Tube Top, Tube Top and Black Jeans set, *Red Ruin*
Pants – The Rascal Jeans, {Kari}
Skin – Indigo-Ginger, LF CHAI group love skin
Hair – Nana, Black, Jade Hair
Earrings – Multi-Earrings Silver, Inks & Kinks
Bracelet – Ribbon Bracelet, Silver, ::mezzo::
Belt – Ribbon Chain Belt, Silver, ::mezzo::
Shoes – Erika Flats (grey) , SIN
Tattoo – Stardust, Rockerswear

Eyes – Ienex Eyes ::Blue::, IC-skins-store

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