Troubled Youth

The new “Emo” look makes me laugh sometimes. Maybe I’m too old to understand how emotion is the same as fashion. Anways. I decided to mash up some things in my inventory and create my own “Troubled Little Girl” look. First off.. I love this Teddy Bear I picked up from !BC! He comes with an animation for you to hold him and you can purchase an animation and HUD to fly wih him as well. (I didn’t, but I’m thinking about it. It’s not right for your bear not to fly too..)
The top is from Tuli, and my skirt is from Kyoot Army. The Dead Naga skirt is one of the perfect mini skirts in SL. Super short, and highly detailed. I have alot of items from Canimal, but I especially love the mismatched socks. Perfect for those grungy days. Another one of my addictions? Prim nails. I love them. These are from Hex. Most ladies are addicted to eyelashes, and mine is nails. I tried lots of good glove style nails.. but it never was the same.
And now the best… Pornstar hi-tops! I can’t even begin to say how many options come with these shoes. You can change nearly everything about them. I should have a blog just about these shoes. If you don’t have these in your inventory, please go get them. You’ll never need a pair of sneakers again!
Teddy Bear – Med Brown Teddy ear, !BC!
Top – Anica Layered top (jacket layer), Tuli
Leggings– Custom
Skirt– Dead Naga Mini (Black), Kyoot Army
Belt-D-Ring Belt (black), Refuge
Bracelet left wrist Rainbow Bracelet, Artilleri
Bracelet right wrist Neon Stacked Bangles-Teal, Armidi Limited
Socks- Mismatched old socks (rainbow blue), Canimal
Nails- Precision Midnight White, Hex
Shoes- Xtra Hi-Tops Multicolor, Pornstar
Skin- Candy Skin, Revenge
Hair- Momo (black), Kin
Eyes-Carribean, Millenium Eyes


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