Cowgirl Mystique

It happens often in fashion that you plan your outfit around your amazing accessories. Rarely is your accessory larger than you. The moment I saw this horse from AKK Horse Ranch I bought him. He’s a Fresian, and he has flexi long hair just like me. I waited to ride him until I found the perfect outfit. The detail of this horse is superior and I knew the detail needed to be parallel in my clothing of choice. Luckily I had a great outfit from Last Call that I got for the amazing price of 300L before it closed. Last Call closing was a sad day for many of us. The detail on the jacket is superb. All of their clothing was superb. Across the street from Last Call you could find Celestial Studios, where I purchased my hair. I love love love buying hair with the hat already attached. It takes my battle of matching a hair with a hat away…and my hair flows through the air as I speed through the trails on my horse.
Horse: AKK 08 Legend ES Friesian, AKK Horse Ranch
Outfit: Virginie Jacket Miltaire, and Gunmetal Breeches, Last Call (closed)
Gloves: Riding Gloves, E. Watkins
Hair/Hat: Complete set Cowgirl (Black)-Smolder, Celestial Studios
Shoes/Boots: Liah-Onyx, LC Vamp (Now Jaywalk)
Necklace: Silver & Black Banded Ankh Rosary, Nevermore
Skin: Mica, Shape Territory (now Maeva)
Eyes: LeeZu eyes darkbrown, LeeZu Baxter

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